Part 2 was all we were going to share tonight but due to the fact we are in lockdown, as crazy as it sounds, the last month has been incredible for us as a couple.

We have always enjoyed spending time together and although I am an essential worker, my hours have been almost halved but Mrs R has been working from home full time.

Amazingly, we are so much more relaxed than usual.

I have been assigned house to husband duties but trust me, it has its perks ;-)

It's quite amazing how you're perspective changes when you have no control over anything other than your own well being & we do feel for everyone out there in a less fortunate position than ours.

Anyway, back to the story..........................................

With only a knowing glance at each other, we both knew that whatever sexy thoughts going through our minds were not going to happen today.

As we walked home with a suitably worn out dog, Mrs R reached over and took my hand. I knew by the look in her eyes that she was just as disappointed as I was but her smile was also comforting.

As we arrived home, she said "Im just going to jump in the shower" I told her I would open a bottle of wine & have a shower when she was done.

About 45 minutes later, I was about a glass and a half down after checking in on KS......... She finally walked into the lounge. Thinking back, she looked really flushed but I had a bit of a glow on at this stage & really didn't pay much attention.

I had a long shower, my head full of thoughts of might might have been. It occured to me that Mrs R was probably thinking the same thing having spent so long in the shower.

Heading back to the lounge, I noticed Mrs Rs black g string on the floor in the dining room.

I picked them up thinking that maybe I had dropped them earlier while hanging out the washing.

They were definately wet but it was quite a warm day & I had hung the washing out hours earlier.

Obviously the best way to check if washing is clean is to smell it.............(Oh come on !........you've all done it) !

They were so wet & the scent was one I knew only to well.

I walked into the lounge, knickers in one hand and yet another growing bulge in my pants.

As I walked in my gorgeous wife was completely naked on the couch, gently rubbing her left nipple with one hand and 2 fingers in her extremely wet pussy with the other hand.

We have always been a very sexual couple but this took me a bit by surprise !

When she gets excited, she gets wet but not like the amazingly sexy sight I have in front of me right now !

The leather cushion underneath her was glistening with her wetness, and by the musky aroma in the lounge, she had been going solo for quite some time awaiting my arrival !

My god............there is nothing more sexy than the woman you love fingering herself into a frenzy right in front of you, staring you straight in the eyes !

Once again, I was as hard as a rock............blown away with the sight in front of me & also thinking..............Which part of our (almost) encounter this afternoon had turned her on the most ?

I couldn't take my eyes off her freshly shaved pussy.............Juice escaping below her fingers down past her sexy ass & onto the couch, everything was glistening and the whole time her eyes never left mine.

I broke her gaze long enough to remove my shirt & jeans then just stood back to watch her pleasuring herself......................."I want you to fuck me like he fucked her" ! She said.

At that moment, I knew that everything I had thought & felt this afternoon was completely reciprocated & was more turned on than ever !

We normally let our actions do the talking but in this moment, I felt I had to take on the role of the anonymous stranger................as it turns out, that is exactly what Mrs R was hoping for..............

I moved towards her, kissing her deeply & whispered to her..............."No matter what happens babe, you know that I love you"

As I pulled away, a string of pre cum was sticking to her leg, her hand reached for it instantly & placed her fingers in her mouth in the most seductive manor.

My hand ran gently all the way up her leg to her dripping wet pussy & with a slow movement, I inserterted two fingers into her eager pussy.

The groan she let out was telling me that I had hit the spot.

I was so torn at that moment...................I had been so aroused for so long this afternoon that I just wanted to fuck her like an animal.................the other half of me wanted this feeling to last forever !

With this in mind, I ordered her onto her stomach.

She seemed surprised...........& I know she just needed release but I also wanted her to know that I was in control.

She normally likes to take control in the bedroom & I absolutely love it, but when we mix it up a bit I know it drives her wild with desire.

She quickly rolled onto her stomach & I wispered to her "I'm going to treat you like his slut"

Just a few simple words, but without sauing a word, she ground her pussy into the couch, reached around and spread her wet asshole wide open !

Fuck me, I wasn't expecting that !

I moved in closer, slid my fingers all the way up my now dripping cock & gathered up as much pre-cum as I could & gently massaged her puckered ass hole.

It didn't take long for me to realize that as well as my slippery cum, her ass had been been pre lubed in anticipation.

Now the 45 minute shower was making sense. Not only had she completely shaved her pussy but lubed her sexy ass too !

I leaned forward & replaced my finger with my hungry tongue, gently circling her delicious ass while reaching down with my right hand to her pussy................the feeling was exquisite ! She was wetter than I can ever remember.

I propped her up with her ass slightly in the air so I could taste all of her, moving up to her swollen clit then all the way slowly to her amazing ass.

I focussed most of my attention on her puckered ass while finding her g spot with 2 fingers inside her rocking back and forward in time with the motion of my tongue. I was in absolute heaven & at that moment, she gushed all over my hand !

It's not the first time Mrs R has squirted but this was different...............the sensation of making her cum that that was to me worth 10 orgasims at once !

I couldn't help but keep stimulating her & I thought maybe she was done.

I slowed my pace a bit but she begged me to keep going...............That was all I needed to spur me on, so I upped the tempo & slid 2 fingers of my free hand into her well lubed bum hole, she shuddered to the most intense orgasm after about 20 seconds.

Fuck I was the most turned on I have ever been in my like & I still haven't cum yet !!

Should I continue our story ??