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The dog walk

"A night to remember (part 2)"
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If you have just jumped into part 2, you probably should check out part 1 for a bit of background. For the rest of you (that like us) check on the new stories everyday, we shall continue.................. So we are on lap 3 of our usual 2 lap walk around the park............I am harder than I think I have ever been before & I'm also very sure that Mrs R is dripping wet with anticipation ! We were nearly half way around & have barely spoken a word to each other.........that to me spoke volumes and intimated that we had exactly the same thing on our minds ! We were maybe 300m away from the toilets, both watching for any movement when a gorgeous woman, looking very nervous walked out, looked around and went back to her car. She was an absolute beauty..........her tight dark clothing really accentuated her amazingly curvy body and her dishevelled hair that she was feverishly trying to tidy up, confirmed to us what we had already suspected. The guiltly look on her face made me even harder ! At that moment, Mrs R turned to me with a disappointed look on her face...........I had exactly the same feeling.............Have we blown this completely & lost our chance of having an incredible experience ? Her gentleman lover was at most 30 seconds behind her, also checking the area before heading to his car. We were maybe 200m away by this stage when his glace shot in our direction. He then checked to make sure that his conquest had escaped without suspicion (she hadn't) Once he noticed our presence, he tried to avoid eye contact but he kept glancing back in our direction. I have absolutely no doubt that he knew we were watching. What was going through his mind ? Did he think he had been busted ? My mind was in overdrive.......thinking, we should have made ourselves known to them after the second lap ! The thought of how things would eventuate was running through my mind.......would we just walk in & introduce ourselves ? Could we be that brazen just bursting in & announcing that "we know what you're up to & really want to join in" Would that really be so wrong ? or would they think we were just a couple of sex crazed maniacs !? We were still too far away for him to notice the massive bulge in my pants & the flushed face of Mrs R ! I felt her disappointment as he also drove off into the distance (much more slowly than he arrived). I felt so deflated & I could also sense it with Mrs R. It was such a weird feeling............we have an incredibe sex life together.......... but the thought of another couple joining us is both incredibly exciting but also scary at the same time ! We have spoken about it several times & although we have shared the most incredible experience with another woman........ we are both nervous about another guy ! I find it hard to explain. I have reassured her many times in the past that my biggest turn on is to give and bring her pleasure & my god I love to pleasure her ! We have discussed every fantasy imaginable with each other & don't think anything hasn't been covered........... (except a cock inside me). I'm more than happy with a finger in the heat of the moment but that's about it !! Mrs R would disagree however ! Whenever we talk about our desires, we end up having the most amazing love making session without fail. By this stage, we both realise that whatever fantasies were going through our heads at that time were probably not going to eventuate...................or were they ??? Thanks for the likes & positive comments. Part 3 to follow ❤

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