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I lay on the bed, naked, alone.

Nervous excitment washes over me, I am hard and ready, my mind replaying the plan.

Oh shit she's here, i can hear heavy breathing, a hand on the door.

The light is on but it will be gone, the door opens, then closes. I see a feminine hand reach for the switch.

Darkness, "oh fuck I can't believe I'm doing this" is what I hear, that voice calms the storm raging in my head.

Sir sits and watches.

A hand on my foot, soft, the darkness feels complete and consuming as shivers run through my body.

My feet are pushed apart and I feel her climb on the bed, hands moving up my legs. My body reacts, my cock feels like it may jump from my body. My heart is racing.

Hands clenched by my side.

Sir is struggling.

A first touch like no other i have felt.

A mouth engulfing.

Pure sensation

My body will move constantly from now on, shivers of pleasure.

A pause an my hand is given access to a breast, soft wonderfully formed. Nipples hard.

My hand is taken away. SIR is raging, but understands the game.

The tease resumes, hands clench so hard my biceps will feel it later.

Eyes closed the senastions rule, time and space have no meaning, my hands are guided to hot wet places. Sir struggles and fights back in small ways, trying to bring pleasure to her. Make her gaurd drop, hoping the pleasure will overwhelme, but she sees the ruse her control is matched to his, controlling the pace exquisitely.

She allows him to taste and explore with is tongue no hands.

Our mouths both works hard to bring pleasure. It is taken from him again before it can overwhelme. SIR rages inside. Muscles are tensed and hands kept to the side. I feel her own internal struggle. The exchange of power counter to each of our normal preference.

She sits up and straddles me, leaning forward we kiss, monumental control required to hold back and not move the mere inches required for us to become one.

She moves and I feel relieved, like a test has been passed.

The tease resumes mouth and toungue focused this time, my hand given access once more. Pace is slowly increased by both of us. Both of us making primal noises. As I feel her excitment build mine does as well until I know I can no longer hold back, my orgasm washing over me leaving me unable to move. My body shaking, and explosion of primal passion and guttural noise.

A life time passed in the dark and her mouth makes its way to mine.

Moments later she is dressed and gone.

I am alone naked in the dark, complete, my flame matched by another.

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