From her

I drive into town, my car silent, my mind busy, knowing a stranger is lying waiting for me in a hotel room.

I pull into the familiar motel parking lot, I switch the ignition off and sit.

I send a message that I am here, I am nervous, nervous of the unknown, nervous of how I will pull this off.

I look at myself in the rear vision mirror. Searching for reassurance that I can do this. I finally fling open the car door and March to Room 62, I stand there, breathing, or not breathing, at this stage I'm not sure.

I open the Room door, and my eyes scan the layout. I can see his feet at the end of the bed. My hand hits the light switch.


So dark, it takes me a minute to move. I walk slowly to the edge of the bed, my heart beating out of my chest.

My fantasy etched in my mind...

I reach my hand out and feel the edge of the bed, I reach further and feel his foot, a bolt of electricity runs through me, my breathing is erratic now, and I'm not sure that I'm actually inhaling.

I trace my hand up his leg, softly, I lower my head and trace a line up his thigh with my tongue...tasting him...I can feel his shivers.

I jokingly say I am so nervous, we laugh, the tense laughter of the unknown that is to come.

My tongue traces its way to his balls, my mouth is enjoying tasting him, his cock is rock hard already. I tease him very slowly with my mouth.

His hands by his sides as agreed, I slowly sit up and lower my singlet to expose my breasts, I take his hand and place it on my breast, his hand is hungry, fingers tracing and touching, yet gentle. I remove his hand.

I return to his cock, I'm in no hurry, my mouth and tongue hungry to taste and lick and suck,

I remove my pants and place his hand there, fingers touching, searching


I must be careful I am close to cumming, I remove his hand.

All the while working on that delicious cock.

I spend a while just enjoying the feel of his cock in my mouth, I sit up, straddle him and lean forward to kiss. It is deep and hungry. My mind is very aware of how close I am to grabbing his cock and sitting on it. I must stay in control.

I get off, back to focusing on his cock, mouth worshipping him. Feeling him squirm on the bed makes me excited.

I decide I want to feel his tongue on me, I put a knee on each side of his head and lower myself down, his hands are gripping my ass. Oh no, I can feel myself building, I remove his hands and hold them by his sides, his cock in my mouth and my pussy just far enough that he has to reach for it. I must get off, or I will explode.

Back to his cock, he is so hard. I'm relaxed into my role now., enjoying myself. The touch, the taste, the noises I've never felt this before with a playmate. I again allow him access to my tits. This time his grip is hard...he squeezes them, I gasp, i like it. He pinches my nipple, and the pain rushes through me, warms me. I again allow him access to my pussy. He touches and inserts his thumb. Grabbing my ass and pushing deep and hard, squeezing and pushing, I can feel myself building.

I'm having trouble keeping his cock in my mouth as the moans escape.

My speed picks up, I can feel his body moving, he is thrusting to meet my mouth.

I lose myself in orgasm as he explodes in my mouth, filling it.

We lie there for a minute, his hands running over parts of my body in that moment, hand wrapped around my ankle, feeling my calf muscle, running up my leg. I get dressed. Conflicted as to whether I stay, I find him on the bed, and we kiss.

I leave the room, alone, but feeling so satisfied and connected to..

a stranger in the dark.

Tags: anticipation, arousal, bdsm, domsub