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The confession

"His wishes granted"
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I was feeling very frisky late afternoon, and decided to contact one of the couples that I befriended in the lifestyle. We have met a couple of times before and it lead to some memorable evenings. They were up for fun and the husband enjoyed to see and hear how his wife was pleasured. When it got to much for him to witness he would join in and she would have all the attention she could handle. I was pretty confident that they would be game for some fun that night and was pleasantly informed that I would be welcome to come over. Now there was a bit of a difference in sexual orientation between us. The husband was bi curious, but I was adamant that I'm not that way inclined. I am however not unreasonable and understand that there will be a certain amount of touching that does naturally occur in the heat of passion with a 3some. So it was arranged that I would visit later that evening, giving everyone time to freshen up and get ready for what lay ahead. I arrived at they're house and we started with the usual chat and catch up. It wasn't long till the conversation turned to a more interesting direction as we were letting the special lady know what was in store for her ( not that she needed any reminder) she was wearing a sexy dark night gown, it matched her beautiful curves and made for an incredible siluete. I could see her nipples piercing through the silky lace, and they become more pronounced tas the conversation went on. I could feel the husband was building up to something, she could to. He finally build up enough courage and asked me. There was a slight tremble in his voice and I could see he was feeling vulnerable and insecure. But he had the courage to ask. " I would like to eat you cum out of C... Pussy. Would you be OK with that?". I could almost not believe what he just asked. It was not something that would offend me at all. I would love to see how he ravage his wife's pussy after I blew my load deep inside her. In fact it would be realising one of my ultimate fantasy's. Before I could answer I must have given away my excitement with my facial expression as hes apprehensive mood changed in an instant. C.. was also getting way to exited about the whole experience awaiting both of them and she said her hand up my thigh and over my ever building hump. It felt incredible as she ran her nails over my crotch and a big bulge was forming in my pants. One hand slid under my shorts and underwear, her hand warm as she caressed my sack, the other expertly undid my pants. I leaned back to see what was happening to me. She wasn't waisting any more time. With a gesture she signaled that the pants have to go and she had them of in no time. She leaned forward her curves driving me to a level of extremely excited by the view and expectation. Her hubby was whitnessing everything from another couch. She was on her hands and knees. Ass up face down, no underwear, Her sexy curves for all to enjoy. Hubby could see how her pussy was swollen and starting to shimmer as she got more and more horny. She licked my cock with a very sexy wet mouth, almost swallowing me whole. Then pulled back, with a long and soft breath she blew cool air over my cock. This was so sexy, I started to moan from the pleasure. My one hand glided through her thick black hair as the other slid up her back and over her sexy bum. My eyes closed as I enjoyed the sensation of her lips teasing around my head. Her tongue flicking around my shaft. I could feel her wet pussy as my fingers slipped down and her clit was nice and hard. I started to make little circles over her clit her juices sticky and warm on my hand. Hubby had pulled out his member as well and was stroking himself as her views the whole scene. She paused and asked " do you like what you see hunny?". Thanks which his reply was " fuck yes baby, work that cock!" He suggested that we move to a more comfortable arrangement and we moved to the bedroom. He lay on his back face up. C walked closer and stood right in front of him. Her steamy pussy in his face. Close enough that he could smell how turned on she was but to far for him to taste. She leaned forward pressing on his chest, her legs spreading slightly as I stand behind her. My hands gliding from her shoulders down her hips to her warm and waiting pussy. With 2 fingers I pull her moist lips apart and feel her erect clit under my middle finder. She is juicy and her smell fills the air. All of this is happening right in front of her man's face. She leans forward a little more and gives a step forward. Her pussy right in his face now as he obeys and start eating her juices, his face glistening from her wetness. It does not take long till she cums for the first time. Her body trembles as she tries to control the convulsions shooting through her. I hold her steady from behind and give some encouragement. It take her about a minute to regain her composure before she decides to climb on top of her man. Embracing the 69 position and moving around on the bed so that there is space for all 3 of us. As she engulfs his cock in her mouth I can hear her saying to her man that it's time she got a cock in her pussy as well. I'm still at full attention and don't waist any time after that command. Her man is sucking on her clit as my cock comes close to her waiting lips. Im so turned on that my erection forces me to have to Ben my cock downwards in order to enter her. At first just my head. She is so wet that I slip in very easy. As I pull out slowly her juices coats my head and makes it slip out again. As I thrust back into her this time I go a bit deeper. She feels heavenly and the sounds tah she makes convince me that whatever I'm doing is the right thing. I thrust deeper and deeper, her moaning becoming more heavy and before long I feel her pussy tighten around my cock. Once again she cums. Right in her man's face, this time from another man's cock. It feels like her orgasm is going to snap my cock right of as the bursts of pleasure shoot through her body. Eventually she calms down again and I realise that her man has also blown his load in her face. As we all come to our senses I start fucking her again. I hold her hips and pull her against me. Forcing my cock deep into her heavenly cunt with every thrust. I can feel and hear that she has made a good wet spot on my crotch. The juices must be dripping down on to her man's face as I pound her. The slapping of my balls against her pussy as I fuck her drives me over the edge and I start unloading deep inside her. As I feel quirt after squirt leaving my aching balls how her womb becomes warmer and I feel the cum flowing around my cock. It feels so good that I don't want to stop fucking, I just slowly continue till I see the white pearl of juice leave her pussy and slowly run down. Some over her well fucked lips and some down my drained balls till it drips on to her man's face He eagerly await every drop of pleasure that we drain out of his wife. Eating it with utmost pleasure. As I eventually pull out of her. He lifts his face and pushes right into her cunt. Licking and eating every last drop he can suck out of her. His face is covered with a mixture of out juices as he eventually relaxes and lay back. She rolls off him and on to her back. Legs well open as I enjoy the sight of the couple that have thouroughly enjoyed themselves. They embrace and lie in each other's arms as they thank each for the experience. It's moments of intimicy like this that probably means the most to me in the lifestyle. We had another couple of good evenings after that. But that might be for another story.

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