As most of you would have realised by now, we are very new to this and we are very much looking forward to seeing where this amazing ride takes us.

Firstly, a very special thanks to the amazing couples that we have been communicating with.

You have taken us under your wings & your advice, kind words & understanding is very much appreciated 😘

It's such an incredible turn on to step outside our comfort zone, beginning to share more and more, both with ourselves as well as others !

It's hard to know whether it's as a result of the lockdown or our desire to take our lovelife to the next level...............only time will tell.

All we know is that earlier this year after an amazing lovemaking session earlier this year, we were cuddling in bed, still exploring each other when we decided to share our fantacies......

For a bit of background, we have been together for 5 years after both being previosly married & although it had been a few years in between, we were both a bit closed on in certain ways.

When we first met, we were instantly attracted........it wasn't long before we were fucking like rabbits but more importantly building a loving relationship.

I stil remember the first time she sucked my cock..........it was the most intense blow job I have ever had, she gripped my shaft, ran her tongue all the way from the base of my shaft to the tip.............back down to suck my balls then back to the tip.

I honestly thought I was about to come right then but managed to hold on !

Then the moment she took my entire length..........I felt the precum oozing out & was feeling a bit guilty as she must have known I was close...........to my surprise, she looked into my eyes & said "fuck you taste amazing" !

At that moment, I just had to taste her perfecty shaved pussy.........but before I got the chance, she moved up & plunged her tounge into my mouth............""Can you taste how amazing you are" ? she said.

It's the first time I have ever tasted my own come & it made me even more aroused than I thought.

After giving Mrs R a long lingering kiss, my fingers moved down to her now dripping wet pussy.

My excitement levels were now completely off the scale !

I slowly rubbed her swollen pussy & inserted one & then two fingers into her. The arch of her back and deep groan told me I was on the right track.

After a few minutes of exploration, she ground down on my fingers and my leg.............her tounge was circling my earlobe & with a deep grunt I felt the most amazing sensation of a small gush escaping her pussy & running down my leg & onto the couch.

Fuck me !...........I barely knew this amazing woman & I'm already having the best sex of my life !

Although I wasn't sure of her reaction, I thought I would seize the opportunity to gently explore her exposed and vulnerable arse with my free finger.........

Absolutely the right move.......she pushed against my finger instantly ! This only increased my tempo, I was so close but I knew she had more to give.......

I kept up my pace making sure my rock hard cock didn't make contact with her incredible body........

I was instantly rewarded as she came all over me, moving back & forward while riding my dripping fingers.

She savoured the moment for a few minutes then slowly moved back down to my eager cock just moments away from exploding !

She slid her hands up and down my shaft a few times before licking her hand & looking into my eyes with a deep gaze of desire...........

To be honest, although my cock had not had any direct stimulation for quite a while, I blew my load into her awaiting mouth in less than 30 seconds !

After savouring every drop, she looked back up into my eyes, licked her fingers & then swallowed every drop.

It was at that moment............I knew I was going to fall in love with you.