Written by Naughtykitty


We were kind of drunk, it was late. Everyone had gone to sleep except for me, my patron and my ever lovin wife. It had been a long commission and I had not seen my girl for at least ten days. We were talking about threesomes and how I'd love to do a FFM when Mr patron suggested an FMM. I was not sure if she was into it until I stuck my hands up her top while he was in the toilet and discovered the hardest nipples I'd ever felt on her. He came back in the room while I still had my hands up there and presumed that it was all on.....and it was. I started to French kiss her while rubbing her boobs and slid my hand down her jeans and was a little surprised to find someone elses hand was already there and rubbing. That was the moment when I knew, She grabbed his waistband and pulled him closer so she could reach down into his shorts and grab his cock. At the same time she reached around and grabbed mine. What must go through a girls mind when she has two in her grasp?

Anyway, we ended up facing her while she was on her knees, sucking one and then the other, oh man I can see it, hear it now. We all fucked till dawn that day and swore that we would have no regrets and no hang ups about it, and we have'nt. In fact we've screwed hard several times since then and we still enjoy it, but nothing compares to that first time you let the inner ego come forward and give freely of yourself and the ones you love. Treasure your true friends people.