Written by test_the_waters


Time for an adventure again with KWS. My god it had been a long time and we had been beset by delays, issues and life in general that delayed the desire to get out there and enjoy a lifestyle we were growing more in tune with and one that was bringing so many smiles and good times. So we contacted previous men who had expressed an interest in a MMMF night. We had thought a couple could be included too, however, we really had decided for a couple in our night it needs to be one we feel 999% comfortable with and the female on female attraction was rock solid. But a desire has been and still is for a female on Foxy breast on breast, pussy licking on arse and either just myself or another fella enjoying the penetration and 2 ladies there in full glory.

The night came. We had two lads set up for the 7p.m. meet at the motel; we arrived ourselves at 6:15p.m. Foxy had dressed up to look incredible of course. Some small mini-pump shoes which were red and black spotted, new black stockings and a black negligee with a red wrap around dress on top. And NO Knickers!! So once we arrived at the motel and got ourselves into comfort mode with a couple of drinks and some kissing between us both as well as me just having to go down and spread my ladies legs and give her a lovely lick for a minute or two.

7p.m. on the dot and there is a knock at the door. It is a gent we have not previously had physically met but omens were good; a nice looking Indian fella who had brought wine! And a couple of moments later knock #2 and this gent we had experienced before at a dogging we will call him D - where he had cum twice within minutes from the excitement of the night. Small talk aside Foxy bee-lined for our Indian friend and a little lap-dance and once he was almost drooling and slumped in his chair with anticipation lad #2 got the same good treatment. Clothes started to come off from us three men. Foxy was down and asking for a cock to suck and we all obliged, and some cool snaps were taken including one with her eyes mesmerized with desire and all 3 of us around her face nearly fully erect cocks and knowing it was going to be good! Some time shortly after we had Foxy on the bed legs spread and her pussy getting some lovely licks from all 3 of us and her nipples tended to. At one point we had her on the bed with a tit in two mouths and a 3rd gent lapping her pussy – that was awesome. And then I took some penetration with my lady while she moaned and sucked away at our other two. We had brought some condoms and lube to the motel and in every other KWS occasion ensured rubbers were on for the fucking. But I cannot say exactly why but lad #2 our premium hard stayer was asked I am sure by us if he wanted to fuck her pussy and lube was on cock and cock went into pussy and neither I nor Foxy objected. It just seemed right. Our Indian man was getting some great BJ action and cocks were hard and I mean really hard for Foxy now. I laid down on the bed and Foxy straddled me and as she faced me and her tits bounced in my face I asked her “ do you want D to fuck you arse baby?” “Oh god yes” she replied. D positioned himself behind her. “Are you sure my darling for D to fuck your little arse?” “Just give it to me” she replied and within seconds D was up her arse. Her facial expression was just one of wonder, enjoyment and we both fucked her well. “My mouth is free” she said and Indian gent had his cock quickly in her mouth. Both D and myself fucked this Fox well and made her move around between us both. She changed her position and D then had her missionary still NO RUBBER ON and fucked her hard for a few moments. “Cum on my tits, cum by my face and do you want me to suck them clean?” she asked me. “Hell yes I said”. D pulled out and came over her belly and wanked himself for a moment and she licked him clean. Indian gent pounded her mouth for a few moments till he too came and got some tongue and mouth treatment.

I then fucked Foxy a little more arse and pussy, D worked himself up and sprayed another load on her face. I fucked her some more, she played with her pussy a little more. Maybe 10 minutes later D was again hard as rock and wedged his cock up around her tits as I fucked her from behind and came around her neck this time.

We let things wind down. Those two left. Foxy then got a royal lick out around her arse from me and then rode me with my cock deep up her arse and came so hard. We left the motel and came home shortly after. The next morning I was so full of desire and hardness I stripped myself naked and shoved a pillow under her tummy and put her on her front and fucked her sweet redhead pussy from behind and it took only a few minutes and as I came I pulled out and with her left cheek on the pillow side I blew my load over her cheek and face. Later that night we retired to bed early and re-talked the night before and I again arse fucked her hard mostly on her side with a pillow under her belly to get that really good deep penetration and angle. Once she came I placed her missionary style and fucked her arse in the same position for about 15 minutes with her arse so free and willing and then whipped my hard cock into that pussy and fucked her hard for a minute and pulled out to blow my load on her belly. She licked me clean, I sucked her tits and after we cleaned off the sperm and sweat we nestled in to one another and started to fantasize about being overseas and finding some strange African men with dark skin and dark cocks. “I just want hard cocks to fuck me N” she said to me. “What if they fuck you with no protection and just cum inside you?” I asked. “ I don’t mind as long as they have cocks like yours...hard and wanting me” she says. “And darling what if I manage to get more than a couple and we can all have you, gangbang you and come over and inside you?” “Then do it” she said and with that we went to sleep with me snuggled in to her and cupping one of her breasts in my hand.