Well after I had finished pounding Ruths arse and filling it with cum, we both collapsed onto the bed both exhausted, I then got up and bought a damp towel back so that we could clean ourselves up, I wasn't worried about the stains on the sheets as I had never stayed at this motel before and was going to again.

We lay there talking and then I started stroking her amble breasts pinching her nipples and watching them grow hard, I then started sucking on her nipples and slid my hand down to her trimmed pussy letting 2 fingers slip inside her wet juicy cunt, slowly finger fucking her, she said put 3 inside me, which I did and then I started pounding her cunt pushing in 4 fingers and really filling her cunt, she was moaning and moving around the bed in pleasure, she had her hand wrapped around my cock and was stroking it, getting the cum out of the eye of my cock and wiping it down the shaft.

I asked her if she had ever been fisted? She said yes her and her girlfriend often fisted each other when they were really horny, however she had never had a guys fist inside her cunt as they are a lot bigger, I told her that I would like to fist her tonight!! She said okay maybe later, in the meantime" I have something that I would like to show you, its my drunken party trick from years ago, you can video it if you want, just not my face" I said okay show me.

She then got off the bed and went and got the wine bottle, she told me to sit on the floor with my back against the wall, with my legs straight out in front of me, when I was in this position she placed the bottle between my feet and told me to hold it upright with my feet, she then supported herself against the bed facing me and told me to start videoing her, she then slowly lowered herself down onto the bottle, I could see her swollen cunt lips part as the bottle went inside her, she kept going lower and lower down onto the bottle until the whole neck of the bottle was inside her cunt and then she reached the thicker part of the bottle and continued to push down and I could see her cunt expanding until she was getting close to the shoulder of the bottle, that is when she stopped pushing down and started to ride the bottle as if it was a huge cock inside her, up and down letting out little screams each time she went down hard onto the bottle, she started orgasiming and I could see her juices running out of her cunt down the bottle, she rode the bottle for about 3 minutes all of which I still have on video, she then slowly lifted off the bottle, turned around and bent over to suck the bottle, I reached up and pushed 4 fingers back inside her gaping cunt and stroked her g spot.

I then told her to lay down on the bed as I had a surprise for her, she asked what it was and I told her that I was going to bottle her in a different way, I went to the cupboard and took out a 330ml glass coke bottle that I had bought earlier in the day, I took the lid off it and skulled the last of it, I then went back to her and told her that I was going to fuck her cunt with the bottle, she smiled and said yes please see how much you can get inside me, I rubbed some lube onto the bottle, started up the video and commenced to push the bottle inside her cunt slowly going deeper and deeper, the neck of the bottle disappeared then part of the shoulder of the bottle, then with one final push she had the bottle buried inside her cunt, there was about 5 inches of bottle inside her cunt and about 3 inches for me to hold onto, these bottles have a nice shape to them and are about 2.5 inches thick,so I then started to fuck her cunt with the bottle, pulling it virtually right out before pushing it back inside her again, she was moaning and screaming at how good it felt and for me to push it in deeper, I just continued fucking her cunt with it for about 5 minutes by then she was cuming over and over her juices were running out of her cunt down the crack of her arse all over the sheets, I the told her that I was going to arse fuck her with the bottle, she said that she thought that it would be too big, however she would love to have my cock back inside her arse while she had the bottle in her cunt, guess what???

Yes you will have to what for part 3 the conclusion.