Written by Manglavite


Stories from the Cruise Clubs: Something for the gay, bisexuals and bi-curious

True stories with no embellishments and I'll add more when I get the time and if people enjoy them.

First cruise club I went to was in Auckland as a young fella, bloody nervous. Can't remember what it was called but it was towards the old railway station on the road that heads up to the Uni.

Did the normal thing of giving a false name as I paid the money, got my towel and a packet of lube. Was I going to fuck on the first outing?

Lots of horny guys around as I was just walking around to have a look. Found the movie area so sat rather timidly I must add, to watch gay porn. Wow, some guys had big cocks, how the hell could they get such whoppers in their arse?? The older guys look at you and come over and ask to suck cock, turned them down, at first. Found my first glory holes. They were a bit of a surprise, never heard of them before. Little booth where you could watch a movie and a cock sticking out of a hole next to my hip. Bloody hell it was small. Actually I was getting a bit overwhelmed by the attention. I walked out and two asian guys started to follow me, fuck me but I got scared and went to the dressing room to get dressed. I was leaving. Bloody hell, a big guy comes in, not talking muscles just big bulky with a massive cock that wasn't even hard.

He saw that I was leaving and said that it was a shame I was leaving.

Looking back now, he is one guy I should have stayed for and given previous history (yet to be told) I would have taken on the two asian guys as well.

As I said more to cum, I haven't been sucked or fucked yet..............

I hope you enjoy.