Written by Manglavite


True stories with no embellishments and I'll add more when I get the time and if people enjoy them.

There were once two Cruise Clubs on Lichfield Street in Christchurch, on opposite sides of the road. I can't remember the name of the one in this story.

I gave it a look one afternoon, what I saw initially didn't inspire me to horniness but seemed pleasant enough. Not many people.

I got undressed, wrapped a towel around me then went to look around. There was no maze but a movie was on as usual, big cock being deepthroated mightily, the guy gagging, saliva dripping from his chin, oh I wished it was me.

There was an old guy in there watching to and he came over to sit by me when I sat down. Now I have had blow jobs from old guys before and I have exploded in their mouths. They know what they are about these old queens. So when he asked if he could suck my cock, I said yes.

Down on his knees in front of me, I moved forward in the seat a bit more and he knelt down in between my legs. He liked what he saw, grabbed hold of my cock and gave the head a good lick then swallowed me. Man he was god. My hand went straight to the top of his head to try and push him down on my cocck and I lifted my hips up to push more of my cock down his throat. His mouth was hot on my cock. All I could do was groan happily. Now this was in the lounge area and he wanted to go somewhere more private so we sttod up and fuck my days, his cock was sticking out of the towel and for an older chap, his cock was thick and a goog 8 inches long. Quick as a flash I asked if he wanted to fuck me instead, I hadn't been fucked by a big cock before. He was happy to oblige as normally, he was the one on he receiving end.

He knew his way around the place and his hand on my my cock, he lead me to a big room filled with little tents and there was a small upper “mezzanine” that looked down on the “camping” area. Up the steps and we sat down on a mattress. Nice clean area with tissues, condoms and someone had left some lube. Saved me having to go get some out of my locker.

He lay down and I just looked down at that big cock, put a condom on him, lubed him up then some on my fingers which then went up my bum. I then knelt astride him, grabbed hold of his cock then lowered myself myself down until I could feel the head of his cock nudging against me. Now, my fingers could grip right around his cock but my bum had never had a cock that size trying to get in, the odd cucumber and a nice sized dildo I once owned but not a big thick cock.

I lowered myself down and as soon as we felt the head engage in my hole, he tried lifting his hips up as I did to him when he was sucking me. The head of his cock bloody stretched me open and there wasn't much lessening as the shaft of his cock made its way in. I felt totally stuffed with cock, a bit of pain but fuck, what a nice feeling. Really stretched as I lowered myself all the way then rocked my hips forward. Amazing feeling and his eyes looked like they were about to pop out of his head.

My cock was as hard as a chocolate frog and he was quick to wrap his fingers around it again and started wanking me as I raised up again until just the head was in me then slowly lowered myself all of the way again, wriggling my hips and grinding when I got to the bottom. Bloody nice. I'm not one to stay in one position to long, so keeping his cock in me, I spun around so my back was towards him. A change of angle and fucking back on him, I was hitting the good spot and very quickly I had pre cum oozing from my cock. We were both very happy with this fuck, him cos he was doing the fucking for a change and me cos I had a nice big thick cock in my arse. All I could think about was how full I felt. I had never felt like that before.

I turned around again, keeping astride him then really went to wor, raising up until just the head was in then just droping down on him. He was working my cock again. I got a bit carried away as I managed to lift up too high and his cock flicked out of me but but it went straight back in again, I was so loosened up and wide open. You guys that like a bit of gape watching, I think you would have been impressed. No discomfort, just heat and hardness. I was grunting away head back and looking down over the sill of the balcony we were fucking on, saw a guy in one of the tents lying back wanking his cock. He would have been seeing my head and shoulders only but he would have had a good idea about what we were doing. I put some of my precum on my finger and looking at him I popped it into my mouth and sucked it off. Yum, I tasted good.

My cock was being wankind beautifully and with my prostate being nudged by this lovely cock inside me, I was going to come pretty soon. I was fucking down on him and we were making a good thwacking sound lpus my grunting. My fuck buddy said he was coming and as soon as I said that I sped up and I exploded with the best cum I have had. I ground down on him, my cum blasting out all over his chest and face. He was happy cos he got some in his mouth and he quickly swallowed that then got his fingers to find more. My arse still felt full as I slowly kept grinding down on him and wriggling around until he grew soft the I got off him. He was very thankful and I was blown away. A guy, probably a pensioner but with a cock that most guys would be very happy to have.Getting back up was a bit of a missio, my legs were shaking so much and I was quite breathless. His cock was soft now as he took the condom off, and it was still a decent size and girth, All he needed was to be rigid again, didn't need to grow any length.

We cleaned ourselves off, wrapped towels on then climbed down again. My legs were still shaking and weak. What a fuck that was.

Guys, if you see an old guy, don't just think of their age, they may have a big cock to surprise you and can they suck cock!

I did stay for a while longer, walked past the guy in the tent whose cock was now soft, he had cum as well, could see it on his tummy and chest. I hope we had helped.

Coffee time and I talked to the guy at the counter and I asked him about the little tents. The place was a copy of a club in San Francisco and the tents were very popular. Youb could have the doors open or closed depending on whether or not you wanted people to watch or not.

The old guy had left but I hung around a bit longer. Today had been different from other days, usually once I have cum, I get all remorseful then leave, but today I stayed. I was still feeling horny and my arse felt, empty but still throbbed occasionally with the memory of a great fuck.

Some other guys had arrived and we were all casting casual eyes over each other. I like what I saw and went off to the shower and watch another movie. Yes the other guys were in there too but that is another story.

Again, this is a true story and I hope that you enjoyed it.