Written by Andus


Well E must have liked a little of what went on before as it was arranged that we would meet again. This time her partner D would hear the entire horny and sordid goings on via speaker phone, as alas he was out of town for work.

E told me that upon my arrival she would meet me at the door just wearing her red heeled boots and nothing else. Remembering how she looked in those sexy boots was proving cumbersome to driving as I was en route to her address; my mind was certainly not on the driving.

I finally arrived at the door and as promised there was E resplendent in just her boots. She again kissed me deep inside the door and led me to the nearby bedroom and the fun began. We again started kissing and my hands started to wonder on E's already naked body. It did not seem long before E bent her knees and slipped down towards my aching erection which she greedily yet oh so nicely devoured. As she was doing this she was giving a running commentary (when mouth was not full of course) to her partner on the phone. Her partner was asking me if I was enjoying it, what she was doing, the more he asked and spoke, the more E was turned on and the more her tongue would tease my cock, the deeper she would take it into her mouth.

Soon E was on the bed and my face was in between her legs licking that smooth and yummy pussy. E had the phone by her ears and telling D everything I was doing to her. She let out a moan and came at this time.

A short while later E was on all fours on the bed, she had just told D that I was licking her arse,(we had already discussed that E only has anal with her partner) D asked me to stick a finger in E's arse, He kept teasing me saying how could I resist that sexy ass, and he was right, it is a real sexy ass any man should count himself fortunate who finds himself in it. . I then turned her on her back on the bed and just as I was about to enter her pussy, E’s legs were up on my shoulders and I was telling D how it felt to enter her tight wet pussy, as I penetrated and then thrusted and E was making some lovely noises.

Unfortunately D had to leave us shortly after due to work commitments but E and I carried on having sex which culminated for me at least with a great blow job from E which ended with me coming into her mouth with an explosive orgasm.

A lot more went on within this meet but if you have read the first installment it is similar to that, and I don't want to be accused of repetiveness..... :)