Written by Anonymous


We’d been chatting a little. He was young, interesting, sexy. Somehow we got talking about panties - and how he’d once been given a pair by a hot wife. And how much he liked it. I offered to send him mine. The thought of it appealed to me too.

I picked a black silky pair. Hopped into bed. Watched some dirty porn to get a little bit excited. Then I started to touch myself. Ran my hands over my body, played with my breasts, pinched my nipples, stroked my sensitive clit through the silky fabric.  I spread my legs wide and imagined him down between my legs. Twisting and pulling my panties up tight against my wet cunt, licking and kissing me through the damp silk.  Fantasised about him slipping them down and off, stuffing them into my mouth to gag my moans while he fucked me hard.

By now I was dripping and ready. I got my wand and turned it on low, barely touching it to my clit. I wanted this to last. I spread my cunt with my left hand, using the wand with my right. Slow, fast, slow, faster. Feeling my orgasm build. I start and although I want to edge I can’t stop, wave upon wave of pleasure shakes through me. I ride it out, have a rest for a few minutes then I go again. Twice, three, four times until I have had enough.

I roll over, sleepy and satisfied. Thinking about how much he will enjoy my panties.