My husband and I decided to have a romantic weekend away to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. He planned it all and all I knew was that we we`re going to stay at a nice Hotel in Wellington. It was a lovely place and Carl had booked an executive room with a big lounge and separate bedroom. Once we`d settled in, we freshened up and went down to the restaurant for a fabulous dinner then into the little house bar for some drinks. We sat on stools at the bar and there we`re a few others there but it started to get quite busy. A guy struck up a conversation with us as he ordered a drink and Carl invited him and his friend over to chat, it seemed they had some things in common regarding work. Both guys we`re quite charming and interesting and I was enjoying their company. We had a few laughs and I was feeling really comfortable. Tim exchanged business cards with Carl and we said our good-nights and went up to our room.

Carl brought up the subject of threesome`s as we relaxed on the couch, usually Id`e say no but I was feeling quite horny with the subtle flirting that had going on from both guys so we chatted about it and eventually I said he could text them to come to our room for a drink. I made it clear though that it wasn't a given that it was all on, I just wanted to see how things went and take it from there. I went and changed out of my tight jeans and top and into a low cut dress with no bra or panties. The guys arrived and sat either side of me on the couch, Carl got Tim a beer and made himself and Dave a coffee,Tim was quite a confident sort of guy and I could tell he was going to make some kind of move and I could tell my husband was hovering around behind me..Sure enough Tim reached over to the back of my head and caressed my neck lightly and ran his fingers up over my face and over my shoulders,,I had to decide right then what I wanted so turned in slightly to face him giving him an indication that it was OK,My dress was tied in a bow behind my neck and I felt Carl undo it and it fell away exposing my boobs,,now,I was at the point of no return and I knew I wanted this..Tim moved incloser and we kissed as his hand reached down to pull my dress up enough for him to slide his hand up onto my inner thighs,the other guy Dave had moved in closer too and now I had both of them kissing me and caressing my boobs ,,it was exciting and I wanted this to be how I wanted it,I stood up,clasped my dress together the best I could and said to them,,"who wants to follow me",,,,,,I walked slowly into the bedroom and stepped out my dress and climbed onto the bed,both guys were right there hurriedly undressing as Carl stood in the doorway watching,Dave was first to approach me and slid over and took his cock into my mouth,I sucked him slowly as Tim got in close aswell so I sucked him aswell,then both of them alternately ,,they both gasped and moaned quietly showing their approval but Tim was ready for more and took control placing me on my back and he spread my knees apart and went down on me licking and tonguing me just the way I like,I stroked and licked at Daves cock the best I could but I was loving what Tim was doing so much it was hard to concentrate,god Ide wanted a session like this for so long and I wasn't going to waste this opportunity,they got me to lie on my back and Tim pushed my legs back and apart and I felt his lovely thick cock slide into me,he had hold of both my boobs and used his thumbs to flick my nipples as he fucked fucked me.Dave got in on the action by lifting my head up so he could get his cock in my mouth and I was able to hold his nice waxed balls as I sucked him..I was in heaven and I knew if Tim kept up what he was doing Ide be headed for an orgasm,,sure enough as I hoped the pace stayed the same and I felt a long rush run through me,,I was on fire and wanted more,,Carl came in close and whispered a few words of encouragement to me as Tim flipped me over onto my hands and knees,,he held my waist as he slid his cock into me with one push and Dave got himself into position so I could suck him some more.Tim told Dave to "get around here",,he wanted him to lie on his back so I could ride him,,I straddled him and reached behind me to guide his cock where I wanted it..God it felt great as I slid over it and I leaned forward and kissed him and told him that I loved his cock,Tim wanted my bum,that was obvious, and I was OK with that but not without some lube,,my lovely husband was onto it and quickly sorted that out and I braced myself as Tim slowly and carefully worked just the knob of his cock into my bum,Carl was close by now and making sure I was OK,it was hurting and he knew it but I said I was OK,,it burned and stung at first but once it was all the way in I was fine and he was trying to be gentle at first but the utter excitement of it all was more than I could conceal and I cried out like a whore as he fucked me faster and faster,it was too much for Dave and he`d cum and he slid out from under me and now he and Carl we`re infront of me holding me as Tim kept pounding into me,,he got up into a standing position and drilled down into me and I knew I was going to cum soon,,an anal orgasm is amazing and with my husband there encouraging this guy to fuck me the way he was I wasn't far away,,during this whole glorious session Tim hadn't yet cum but it was clear he was about to,,he let out some deep growling moans and said,," ohhhh fuck yes you bitch" as I felt his cock convulse and throb as he emptied his cum in my ass.