Hi folks just thought we would share our last summers holiday fun. We are nudists and enjoy travelling NZ visiting clubs and private nudist venues in our camper van, February was reasonably cool but we did have some warm days and had a week off to enjoy the sun.Not long after we had setup our camp our neighbour arrived a mid 40s guy on his own riding a motorbike,he setup camp next to us in a small tent said hi and stripped off, which is what you do in a nudist camp, we exchanged pleasantries as we were already sitting in the sun nude enjoying a wine. we both admired his slim pretty well toned body which was brown all over and in very good shape, we also noticed his nice cut shaved cock, which was now free in the warm air. My wife Suzy (name changed) was enjoying the view lying back in her deck chair checking out our new neighbour and murmured to me how she liked having nice neighbours, I smiled and asked if I should ask him over for a drink? She said sounds good.... a few minutes later Tony (name changed) wandered over naked with a couple of Heinekens and a towel to sit on, he sat down on the spare chair and we spent some time chatting, he was a long term naturist and had travelled widely but had been on his own for a couple of years.As the warm evening went by I noticed him looking Suzy up and down, with her athletic body, lovely perky tits and clean shaved little pussy, they hit it off straight away and I could tell he was very taken by my hot little wife. Time was going by and Tony was tired so went off and climbed into his tiny tent, as we were climbing into bed Suzy said what do you think of Tony? she had that naughty little grin on her face,which I know so well! I said I thought he was a nice guy..... knowing full well what she meant I asked would you like to have some fun with him? Suzy replied, that could be fun! I smiled and pulled her close to me and ran my hand up her thighs,over her smooth pussy lips and slipped a finger in, she was absolutely dripping! I said wow you really are keen? She returned a wicked wee smile, my cock was now rock hard and she spread her beautiful legs and I slipped into her hot dripping hole and we fucked hard while she told me how she wanted to Fuck Tony if we could get his interest, I said that wouldn't be too difficult.

Next morning we were up reasonably early as the surrounding area has nice tramping tracks that are virtually deserted so we often tramp for hours naked without meeting anyone else, Tony was just emerging from his tent as we were getting ready and I told him of our plans,and would he like to join us? 40 minutes driving later the three of us were out of the car stripped off and walking along a deserted track by the river Suzy had her tramping boots on,a small day pack, a walking stick and nothing else, Tony and I followed along and had some time to talk as we watched Suzy wander along in front naked, he complimented me on my my lovely wife, and said how lucky I was, not being one to hold back I asked if he would like to play with Suzy? He paused a moment then said yes he would enjoy that very much, I said Ok let's see what happens. A while later we stopped next to the river for lunch, as we sat nude quietly eating I said, So Tony has told me he would like to have some fun with you Babe! Suzy looked at me and said "that sounds better than walking any further" and looked at Tony with a smile, Tonys cock was already rising in anticipation and Suzy reached over and gave it a stroke, then kissed him passionately on the lips his hands all over her, my cock was by now rock hard watching the show, so I lay back to take in the sight of my hot girl getting horny and wet, I could see her wet pussy dripping as Tony fingered her and she held his cock tightly wanking it,as they kissed and caressed each other I stroked my rampant cock holding back from cumming. Suzy could not wait any longer, and said Fuck me Tony! She got down on all fours( her favourite position) and lifted her ass up

her pussy pink and wide open in the sun awaiting Tonys hard cock, he slid his cock right in gasping in pleasure and started fucking her really hard! She was moaning and panting with pleasure in a world of her own!! After a good few minutes of his cock slamming into her pussy Tony said Fuck I'm coming! Suzy said "cum inside me" with that Tony groaned and unloaded inside her pussy, I was still hard as and the second Tony pulled his cum soaked length out of my girl, I slipped my cock inside her and felt the warm sensation of Tony's hot cum dribbling down my balls as I fucked away very quickly adding my load to his! After I pulled my cum soaked cock out we burst out laughing, and all agreed it was time to head back, Suzy walked on ahead of us with droplets of cum leaking out of her pussy landing on the track!! We have already planned our next nude holiday for next year.Tony is very keen to join us! we thought he might be!!!