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Jo 50yo 5.5 ft brunette with a crossfit body physique big tits ass & thighs,

We spoke a couple of times my wife got to know her better, no kids, family lived in auckland single and very private, but in a good way, work drunk abit on the weekends, rarely got visitors just kept to herself.

Wife always told her she's welcome to come for a drink, & say the odd sex joke asking Jo if she's cleared the Cobweb's, Jo would laugh.

Was about 1ish in the morning, small town so everything shuts early, wife and I just got dropedd off from a party so its the usual quick snack bed & fuck before we sleep. Its now 2am cant get to sleep my cock still a hard8 & I need a piss. So I get up put my robe on & go out the slidedoor to the garden to relieve myself..

"Ooh fuck yes, fuck" I know that voice & sound & I know what I'm hearing, its a silent town and I can hear my neighbor Jo moaning getting it on at 2am.

I rush inside to wake my wife to come and hear what I'm hearing, but she ain't budging, she's still in the same position I fucked her to sleep in.

So I go back outside, yip she was still moaning & groaning.

Thoughts were going through my head like chur our neighbor finally getting laid, but who could it be, she never has visitors and I can't hear anybody else, so i take a walk and go nextdoor, as I'm walking down the driveway its getting louder, I notice a gap in the lounge curtain, and there was my neighbor Jo on the sofa wearing just her bra legs open fingers going in circles on her trimmed pussy, I watch her for a couple of minutes then she stops grabs her beer takes a big drink, grabs another drink & picks up a purple vibrator from the floor and continues where she left off. She fucks her pussy with her toy takes it out plays with it bangs it & puts it back in, she does it about 3 times before I realize wat she was doing..

The batteries on her toy were going flat & she was looking sexually frustrated trying to keep it on, watching & listening for a couple more minutes my cock was still hard & without even realising it I walk up to the front door & knock.

The moaning stops and there's a pause then I knock again. "Who is it"says jo. Its me from next-door..

" I'll be a minute" I could hear her quickly getting changed then she answers the door.

Shes wearing a T-shirt inside out and shorts her hair a mess and she looked like she finished a workout.

"Hi" she greets with a smirk on her face she knows shes been caught.

"Sounds like u have a problem can I help in anyway" I let off a laugh at the same time.

"Come in"..

I take 2steps inside my hand reaches out to her pussy on the way in and I stop & turn. She closes the door walks towards me grabs my cock and says " fuck me like how you give it to your wife"

"With pleasure" I reply so off to the sofa we go, as I sit down & goto open my robe Jo's mouth was already in action on my cock sucking & licking off my wife's pussy juices. I push her head down deepthroating her mouth then she pops up looks at me with tears and says "this fucken big cock making me cry" and Carry's on. Now there's a wet patch of saliva on the couch from her gagging so I decide to pay back the favor and flip her over & start to lick that pussy. I had a fight on with her fit strong legs though, holding her ankles keeping her legs open wide

I licked her pussy to 2strong squirting orgasms that tasted tangy and warm making sure i licked her clean before I let her ride me to another sloppy squirt. Her deprived pussy was now knackered her legs were shaking but now it was my turn I fucked her in every position I could think of. I was making her moan that loud hoping it would wake my wife.

Its now 6 in the morning and jo looks exhausted still intoxicated & can't pick herself up off the floor wet cum patches on the sofa and carpet. I grab her a blanket and tell her get some rest I'll be back. I go back home to wake my wife & tell her of my drunken episode.. To be continued...

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