It all started 5yrs ago with an invite to J's ( Hubby) nephew's 21st birthday, this got me excited as I have always fancied T (nephew). T had a muscular toned body and a cheeky grin to match.

Saturday afternoon we were both preparing for the weekend away when J got a phone call that he was needed for work, there was no getting out of it as he was on call. J looked at me with a smile and said " why don't you go and have some fun", with my bags packed I kissed him good=bye and hit the road.

During the drive there I had all kinds of thoughts of what the night will hold as T and myself have fooled around a little in the past( but never gone all the way, another story)

When I arrived at the venue T was sitting amongst the family, he saw me and walked over, gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek and said I'm glad you could make it Aunty, this got my pussy a little wet with excitement.

The meal and the speeches seemed to take forever as I only had eye's for T, thought's were running wild of having this young stud inside me. After the formalities we all left the venue and headed to the country side for a private party.

After some drinks and a few rounds on the pool table T and some of his cousins moved inside the house and played games around the kitchen table, T grabbed my hand and took me inside with them, this made me want him even more. Later in the night we drifted away from the table and found a few tents with mattresses and bedding inside.

T pulled me inside one of the tents and planted a kiss on my lips, we stayed locked together for a few minutes while our tongues were exploring each others mouths, the bulge in his pants was enough anticipation so I undone his belt pulled down his zip and got to my knees. I reached inside his boxers and felt how big his cock was , pulling it out I kissed the tip and could taste his precum, teasing him and sucking him slowly taking as much of this young cock as I could. It didn't seem long before I could tell he was about to explode in my mouth so I sucked faster, while he grabbed my hair and he cum in my mouth.

After this he wanted to taste my pussy more then ever so he lay me on the mattress lifted my dress and parted my legs, I could feel his warm breath as he kissed up the inside of my thigh making me shiver, pulling my panties to the side his tongue entered my dripping wet pussy and it wasn't long before I cum into his mouth.

By now all I wanted was his rock hard cock inside me so he ripped my panties off and started fucking me, my moaning was getting a little loud so T put his hand over my mouth to muffle the noise, fucking me fast brought me to multiple orgasim's , T tensed up and cum into my pussy , we just lay there with his cock still inside me and his cum dripping out.

Exhausted and happy we both cleaned up before drifting off to sleep.

The next morning I woke early and left for home leaving T asleep in the tent. When I got home J was in the shower so I stripped off and joined him, the after glow of sex with T was all over my face and J knew this, after filling him in with the details we were both super horny and fucked for what seemed like forever.