Written by maturefun2809


For several months now my mate Jerry had been joining my wife and I for hot fucking sessions.It was hard for him to get away from his bitch wife but when he could we made the best of it.Linda loved fucking him and I loved watching and sometimes joining in.One weekend he rang me and asked if he and his wife Julie could crash at our place so they could attend a wedding in town,they lived in Palmerston North so it was too far to travel home after the wedding was over.It was pretty frustrating having him there at our place and not be able to fuck like we usually do when it was just the three of us.I know it was driving Linda nuts and I`m sure it was the same for Jerry.Just after Linda and I had gone to bed we heard Jerry and Julie arrive home.There was a fair bit of crashing and banging going on so we went to sleep.I don't know how long we`d been asleep when I woke to see Jerry standing next to Linda`s side of the bed with just his boxers on,she woke too and sat up as Jerry put his finger to his mouth and said "shoosh",,that Julie was really pissed and was sound asleep.Jerry leaned down and kissed Linda ,,,she was naked and the sheet had fallen down to expose her tits,,he fondled them and tweaked her nipples,,,she slipped his boxers down and massaged his balls and hungrily sucked his cock.It was just so risky with Julie supposedly asleep in the next room but it was exciting too.Linda was sucking Jerry so fast that it seemed she was determined to just make him cum as quickly as possible and let him get back to his wife before she realised he was missing.I was in close behind Linda as Jerry grabbed her and spun her around on her back,I was cradling her and she had her ass on the edge of the bed,,I leaned forward and pulled her legs up making her gorgeous cunt available for Jerry.He quickly got himself into position and pushed his fat cock all the way into Linda,she put her arms around his neck and Jerry started to fuck her hard and fast.I held onto her,,, and the head of the bed which was starting to bang against the wall.Lindas tits were swaying back and forth with every pump from Jerry,it was a fantastic sight seeing his long fat cock stretching my wifes cunt wide.She was staring up at him as he fucked her and she whispered quietly,,"fuck me Jerry" and he responded with a muffled groan as he exploded his hot cum into her,,,he pulled away quickly and Linda did her best to clean him up a bit before he rushed back to his room......