Written by Foxinon


My first swinging experience happened at a clothes optional resort at Mapua when I was just 19. I went there for a two week holiday because I'd always liked being naked. This, however was to be my first time naked in public. I'd previously resorted to lonely beaches, always fearful of being caught.

I'd booked a beachfront unit with all facilities. On my first afternoon, from my window I could see maybe 20-30 people subathing naked and yes, it aroused me. After unpacking, I stripped off but I was bloody nervous. Not about my body. I was lean, already tanned and in great physical shape. I was more worried about my erection. And yes, the simple act of being naked had caused an immediate erection. And I was (am) very big down there. To be exact I measured 8 and 3/4 inches and my cock was quite thick.

Well I thought about jerking of, but instead took a cold shower which did the trick. I finally plucked up the courage to walk outside naked. No-one stared at me, which was good and I began to relax. I don't like to lie in the sun so I took a long walk down the beach and back. I was tired though and had an early night. I slept naked and woke at 7am.

I showered and made coffee and decided to drink it outside. There was no-one on the beach at that early hour. The warm sun on my naked body caused an immediate erection, but I stood there anyway for a full minute just enjoying the sensation. Just as I turned to walk back inside my unit, I got caught by a guy and his girlfriend, who were walking to the beach. I was as startled as they were. I quickly apologised and strode inside, but they stood at the sliding doors, him trying to reassure me it was ok, her staring at my huge cock.

It didn't help they were both naked and my cock remained stiff. The girl was a stunner. Beautiful slim body, great figure, lovely firm tits and long legs...she could have easily posed for Playboy. They were both Germans, in their late 20's and perfect physical specimens.

I should explain here that when I get horny my cock oozes lubricant. It was the girl who muttered that it looked so sexy and pointed, and when I looked down I saw one glistening clear drop of precum was slowly making its way down to the floor.

She made the first move and brazenly walked right up to me. I was rooted to the spot, couldn't speak because I was so embarrassed at my rampant state.

'You need some help. I can help' She spoke. She gripped my cock. I was as horny as hell but fearful how her partner might react to her brazenness. I looked over her shoulder at him. He was smiling and nodding, and he had a hard on too. That helped.

She told me her name was Kirsten and I stuttered my name. She told me to relax and began to masturbate me with her right hand. She kept murmering 'it's ok, its ok, you need this, you need this. The guy walked in also, fondling his erect cock, and stood beside me, urging her on, urging her to suck my cock while he watched.

'Would you like that? Would you like me to do that?' She murmered, staring at my eyes while she stoked my cock. I would have liked that and nodded dumbly, but it was too late. I hadn't had sex for days and her hand on my cock was just too much. I groaned once and my cock erupted. The first few strong spurts actually splattered her breasts, the lesser bursts hitting her belly. She gasped in suprise but continue milking my cock, saying 'good boy, good boy, good boy'. Hell the cum was dripping off her body, some on her feet, heaps on the floor.

She dropped to her knees and her mouth was on my stiff cock. It was then her boyfriend uttered a sharp comment in German. She looked up, stopped sucking me, and turned her face towards him. She was about to suck him but didn't quite make it. He'd been masturbating while watching us, but his cock spurted too. Cum spurted into her long hair and over her face before her mouth found his cock. She continued to suck him, then me, before he picked her up.

He (Kurt) fucked her from behind. He bent her over the kitchen bench and fucked her hard right in front of me, right in full view of anyone who walked past my unit. I was masturbating at the sight. Kirsten was thrusting back as hard as he was thrusting into her and yes, she kept talking, urging him to fuck her harder. Some words were in German which I did not understand.

Kurt came inside her and withdrew his cock. I was fascinated at the sight of his cum dripping from her pussy onto the floor. This was the first time another male touched my cock, but he did, and montioned me to enter his girfriend.

And of course I did. I will never forget the sensation of sliding my cock into her. I knew I'd completely filled her and her gutteral response and moans of pleasure were just bliss. The warmth of her wet tight cunt and the way she thrust her hips against me was the best sex experience I'd ever had.

I was fucking her hard when Kurt walked up behind me and gripped my hips, placed his hard cock between my bum cheeks and slid his erection up and down. I was on Kisten bent over feeling her naked body hard against mine. It was a sandwich. Me in the middle. I loved it.

Kirsten started to yell quite loudly. She was cumming. I was patient but when she uttered a little scream I ejaculated inside her. Seconds later I felt 'warm raindrops' on my back and knew Kurt had cum over my back. I just didn't care.

At 19 I had not finished. I was still hard as.