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7 Apr 2021

Moonlight BJ

... her mouth was so bored with nothing in it.


2 minute read

Kitty had been teasing me for a while on kik - saying things like her mouth was so bored with nothing in it. Unfortunately two previous offers of a BJ had to be refused owing to a prior commitment and me being absolutely knackered (go figure... didn't have to do much....I know) Anyway, a third offer was made and accepted - much to Kitty's surprise I think. I arrived on her street and messaged her. She walked towards me dressed casually in track pants and a white singlet top. Exchanging pleasantries and passionately kissing we drove to a more secluded spot. We both got out of the car and I lent against it. Kitty faced me and innocently asked if I'd like my dick sucked. Who was I to refuse? As she knelt in front of me I unbuckled my belt and unzipped. Wearing no underwear made for easy access. Kitty tongued the shaft then took me in her mouth - expertly. Something eroticly surreal about a complete stranger sucking your cock in the moonlight.... I said to her, "I think you've done this before" "No, it's my first time. Hope it's OK". Yeah right! Kitty is a natural - born to suck cock. Probably a great fuck too but that wasn't going to happen tonight - her blood relative was visiting - impeccable timing..... I felt the pressure building as she continued to mouth me, cupping and sucking my balls. Feeling her tongue on my cock and her fingers working their magic was fantastic. I told her I wasn't going to last much longer ..."When you're ready" was the reply. A few more strokes and I exploded into her mouth. Although I held her head there really was no need as Kitty wasn't going to waste a drop - good girl. I said that other women could learn a lot from her technique and she jokingly suggested that maybe she could run classes. Now there's a thought.....

Tags: adventure, blowjob, stranger, swallow

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