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There was a text from O asking what we were doing that afternoon, come on over for a few drinks and a BBQ, why not said R, sounds like it will be fun.

R disappeared into the bathroom to get tidied up, appearing with a big smile a little later.

We arrived and R greeted O with a huge kiss, it was his birthday

After a few drinks, O’s cock slipped out of his shorts “accidentally”, R had a grin on her face, she liked what she saw.

O hinted that perhaps R would like to test it out, R smiled and agreed.

O lead the way to the bedroom, he helped R remove her top and bra, giving each hard nipple a licking before removing her G string to reveal a freshly shaven and smooth pussy.

R lay on the bed, legs spread and gently stroking her pussy and revealing how wet and ready she was for the action to come.

O knelt between her legs and licked her pussy, concentrating with fast and light tongue flicks on her clit. R smiled widely and started wriggling her hips and pushing her pussy against O’s tongue.

S knelt alongside R, taking turns at sucking on her hardened nipples while gently playing with her breasts.

R reached for S throbbing cock, stroking it slowly as she softly moaned due to all the attention and feelings she was receiving,

S moved and placed his cock closer to her mouth, she eagerly swallowed his hard cock while gently fondling his balls.

R began sucking S cock even harder as O put his cock into her soaking pussy.

O began slamming his cock faster and harder into R, her smile got wider the faster pounding became.

All three were now moaning, R meeting every hard thrust into her pussy with one of her own, suddenly O pulled out and squirted cum over R stomach. R stroked his cock as he came and he squirted even harder.

After a short period, O lay alongside R, his cock spent, or so he thought.

R turned over and knelt between O legs and started sucking his glistening cock getting him hard again for more hot action.

S lay under R and licked her clit, R ground her wet pussy into his face, S inserted a finger into her pussy and rubbed her G spot. She came over S face.

S knelt behind R and rammed his cock into her pussy whilst she worked O cock over.

S pounded her pussy hard, smacking her tight arse cheeks from time to time.

O was thrusting his cock into R mouth and massaging her breasts, while S was rubbing her clit.

R came with a gush over S cock and O came, filling her mouth with cum.

R lay down, exhausted, S kissed and licked her pussy before inserting two fingers and rubbing her G spot again, she came hard with a gush four times in a row, accompanied by much moaning and writhing.

O cock was hard again, he lifted R legs and rammed his cock back in, S watched O cock slamming in and out of R wet pussy. The noises of moaning and cock slamming into pussy were the only sounds to be heard.

O pulled out and sprayed cum over R, R came when S filled her mouth with cum.

Then it was time for BBQ to be followed after by more red hot action.

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