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Anonymous 1 year ago


First meeting

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So after much conversation with a couple here we finally exchanged phone numbers. It was the mr that contacted me as he had a specific scenario in mind. He told me he was in charge at home and that he wanted to meet me at a bar. What he was hoping to have happen was his wife would arrive with him and they would sit across from me he would text further instructions as the night went on but to not expect anything which was fine with me The day arrived and I met at the bar and a couple turned up she was beautiful and they sat down he text me their location and I sat across from them. He had convinced his wife to wear a dress and no panties and she opened her legs to expose a very sexy pussy she seemed to like showing me. I was licking my lips looking at her and he txt me to say go to the bar and buy a round of drinks and drop one to her and say how good she looked which I did She was flattered and I went back to my seat, he then txt to say for me to take my cock out so she could see it which I did. Then ended up moving seats to be next to me and he again told me take my cock out which she stroked very nicely. He asked her is she wanted more which she did We grabbed a room close by and he told me the rules (no kissing no anal) we got naked and she immediately started riding me. He held her as I took her hard until she came which apparently isn’t easy to achieve with her. He was so turned on when it came to his turn he came straight away before I got myself hard again and pounded her again Great night great couple

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