Written by Hawke's Bay Anonymous


Oh it's so nice to be appreciated.

I've been chatting again with a local young man (28 I think) who I've had a few kinky sessions with over the last couple of years.

He gets off on debauching an older woman but I suspect he actually gets off on me being up for almost anything because his partner is comparatively conservative.

We met a couple of years ago, the first time for a drink in a bar, he told me last night that he was certain upon leaving after that drink that he wanted his cock in my mouth. I was still struggling to believe a young man would find me sexy. From there we met at the beach where I was naked and he was not, I was struggling with his age and needed space and low pressure situations to get comfortable with the idea that he was genuinely attracted to me in my aging skin.

Another night we were chatting and one of us suggested meeting for a drink on the beach at Marine Parade in Napier, parking by the aquarium where there would be less activity. I was ready to see where this might go.

I remember clearly being so excited, slipping out of the house I was sharing with my brother and leaving my sleeping teenage son, to shed my respectability with a horny near stranger on a midnight beach. Nobody knew where I was or what I was doing and I love that, I'd put in the time and effort earlier to now be able to completely embrace being driven by desire instead of being rational and sensible.

So there we were, he'd bought some wine and I'd bought a couple of my brother's beers and we sat in the dark on the stones, getting reaquainted. I forget who made the first move, I suspect it was me who kissed him, it usually is me. He responded passionately, as if he finally couldn't wait any longer and it wasn't long before I'd shed my clothes. I don't recall if he got completely naked but I definitely remember kissing his taut stomach and marvelling how good it felt. I loved the way he groaned when I took his rock hard cock in my mouth, running my tongue along the length of him. The first time tasting a cock is always the best, the surprise of the unknown. He responded to my further touch like I knew he would, like men always do, they crave sensuality but don't realise that until someone touches them in a way which ignites their senses beyond their cock.

I was soon on my back looking at the stars and enjoying the feeling of the night breeze on my skin and his fingers fucking my pussy and circling my clit while he licked and sucked my nipples and I stroked that beautiful hard cock. I'm not sure which stars were in the sky or flashing in my head, it felt so good to just let go.

His tongue replaced his fingers, he needed to know whether I tasted as good as his imagination told him so he spread my thighs to drink from me. There are fewer things more erotic than looking down on a head that's lapping enthusiastically at my soaking pussy and being gripped by a firm pair of arms holding my thighs apart.

I'm not sure how I came but I remember it was twice and I cried out into the sound of the surf. I could be as loud as I wanted. He wanted me on my hands and knees, loves my peachy bum and who was I to deny his desire after mine had been so soundly met? Besides I love a good pounding from behind. He wanted to ride me bareback but I wasn't keen so he slipped on a condom and slipped into me with a curse and a groan. I know I felt good clamped around that hot young cock. He gave me a fine seeing-to, driving into me while I braced myself and pushed back against him. It wasn't long before he exploded inside me and pulled out to collapse on the beach beside me, both of us well-satisfied, for now. We both got dressed, talking while we finished our drinks, and finally staggered back across the beach to the path which lead to our cars and home where I returned to a sleeping household who'd no idea what I'd been doing.

Since that time I met up with him for a fuck at a different beach, he's come to my house a couple of times and I've spread my thighs for him on the couch with the curtains open and explored having my face fucked and I took him into the change room at Kmart on a busy afternoon.

Next week he's home alone and wants me to visit, says I can keep my clothes on, we can just have a coffee or a wine and a chat but I know I prefer his other idea of watching a movie in the dark while we're naked beneath a blanket and seeing how long it is before his fingers are in my wet pussy. I love this sort of challenge, part of me wants to drive us both crazy, by teasing him and the other part just wants to submit.

I'll let you know...