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So I pick up the third part of this story from, "now it's my turn."

She told me to stand up. We both stood there, naked looking into each other's eyes. She leaned forward and kissed me on the lips, I opened my lips and our tongues met. At the same time her hand reached down and gripped my cock. She slowly started to stroke it as she kissed my lips and neck. Using her free hand she started to tweek my nipples. At this point she started to stop kissing me and let her hands roam. Every time I tried to kiss her or move towards giving her some pleasure, she said " don't. It's my turn now."

She walked behind me and placed her lovely body against my back. Her hand continued to slowly stroke my cock, as she nuzzled the back of my neck. Then I felt her kisses go down my back, until she placed a kiss on each of my ass cheeks. She let go of my cock and next thing I felt was those cheeks being spread. I felt a warm moist thing touch my anus. I looked around and realised it was her tongue. She said "lean forward." I did and then the most pleasurable feeling. I felt her tongue penetrate my ass. (I had done that to other woman but this was a first for me) At that point I could feel the come wanting to come bursting out of my cock. But she knew and stopped. To say that my cock was hard was an understatement. She came around to the front again and said lie on the bed.

She went and washed her lips and then came back. She said, "I am going to rub myself over your cock. Please don't put it in." She lay on top of me and I could feel her pussy as she rubbed and ground against my cock. We were both in the moment when I felt my cock enter her pussy. I looked up at her to say something but her look said that had been her intention all along. We both started speeding our rhythm up. Thrusting and grinding. I said "I am going to come." She leapt off and stroked my cock furiously. Come spurted from it all over my abdomen and up my chest (Yes I had an abdomen in those days). I reached around and stroked her clit. She closed her eyes and very quickly came again. Then we lay there and fell asleep.

The next morning I awoke with her looking at me with red crying eyes. I said to her, "what is wrong?" She said, " I have a boyfriend and I have never done anything like we have been doing with him. I feel so guilty." I put my arms around her and we both cried together because although we had found each other, we both knew it would never last. And unfortunately that would be true.

I hope you have enjoyed the telling of this story.

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