She was younger than me, a student at the University. I was mucking around in the workshop that day. It was in an old building, abandoned basically, although I occasionally saw the owner. I had the second floor, which had at one time been open plan, but now had a partition through the centre; this partition was glass on the top section, down to lower chest approximately.

She was on her lunch break. And I guess she was hungry because before I could say hello I was pressed up against the partition with her tongue down my throat and her hand rubbing the bulge in my trousers. She pushed me back onto a mattress I had against the partition and pulled my trousers to my knees, then she lay on my legs and proceeded to suck my cock. This girl was a real artist when it came to giving head. She sucked dick greedily and with skill. And she was an absolutely beautiful girl. Long dark hair, dark eyes, and an hour-glass figure. About halfway through I heard people coming up the stairs. I was lying on my back, eyes closed, with a nymph’s hot mouth wrapped around my member, there was no question of halting the proceedings, it was a question of lying still and quiet, enjoying the fellatio, and hoping that whoever was looking around the building didn’t get close to the glass and look down; or even worse open the door to the work-shop.

After entering they stood in the other part of the floor and chatted away, it was the owner and another person, all the while I was being given expert head. I thought they were never going to leave. And she was totally unphased, she just kept working away on my dick. What if I came? Would I be able to cum silently? Eventually I realized that the tension was prolonging the experience. And it was possible this beauty was now trying to make me cry out; just for fun.

After a time the visitors walked away, exiting at the other end of the building. It wasn’t long after that before I came hard, filling her mouth with my hot jism. She swallowed every drop, sucking until I had nothing left.

Then we got up, kissed, and off she went. What a lunch.

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