I met Janet through a fb singles group. She was a dte sexy mature blond who now called the Gold Coast home.

Our first meet and chat was over coffee. She had a warm personality and a beautiful smile. There was definately a chemical reaction when we embraced and kissed. But being a traditional gent I promised her that I dont fuck on first dates. Second or third maybe.... but not the first lol.

Saying our first goodbyes was difficult because we were magnetically drawn to each other and just to feel her touch was like swimming in a riptide. Sooner or later I knew we were going to have some serious fun.

While apart we began continue our flirtatious tease until we both decided to cave into the increasing pressure for something more physical. We decided to meet up on a Sunday after she had shown a few multimillion dollar properties to potential buyers. Prior to our date her boss invited the office staff to enjoy a mid-week retreat in a beach town resort in Byron, near the NSW border. Off the cuff Janet invited me to drop what I was doing and join her immediately. It was obvious that she had both good and bad intentions for me.

Our phone conversations and texts intensified with the possibility of having a naughty escape. Ever one to control the tempo I decided to err on the side of caution and keep her in suspense by keeping her waiting and wanting more. We would wait for the weekend and see how things go.

No matter what position we found ourselves in, we both knew that we were going to get together for the ultimate and explosive sexual experience of our lives. It was going to be sensual and carnal all in one.