Written by Anonymous


So I’m out and about for work and I get a message from Jill, my 20 year old fb. She’s recently had her first mff and told me she wanted to involve her flatmates partner some time in the very near future. She said her and her flatmate Marie had finished polytec for the day and had invited Marie’s boyfriend Steve around at 3pm for some fun and i need to come around.

I turn up and see a work van in the driveway. I’d never met Steve but turns out he is a client of mine at work.

I go inside and Jill has already started. Steve’s laying back on the couch and she’s between his legs sucking his cock. He sees me and gives me a huge thumbs up. To say he was well endowed would be an understatement. He’s at least 9 inches and thick and Jill is having a good time with it.

I bend Marie over the table, pull her shorts down and start eating her pussy and ass, trying hard to shed my clothes at the same time.

By now Jill is sitting on Steve’s cock and riding him hard. She is full of cock and loving it. Marie tells me to lay on the floor and we 69 for a while then I hear Jill making a sound between pleasure and pain. Steve is fucking her ass from behind. I move up and let her suck my cock for a while being pounded hard from behind. By now Marie wants it inside her as well so I lay back on the floor and she mounts me reverse cowgirl and before long she’s squirting.

Jill announces she wants 2 inside her so moves over and mounts me while Steve enters her ass again from behind. She is going off big time and before long Steve blows his load inside her ass.

I go back to the couch where Marie is laying there fingering herself and proceed to eat her out, making her cum all over my face. She turns over, puts her butt up in the air and tells me to take her hard. I fuck her doggy for a while fingering her ass at the same time before I pull out of her pussy and enter her butt. Steve’s on the floor eating Jill out while I’m pumping into his girlfriends ass.

I can’t hold back much longer and explode inside her.

Everyone is spent but it was a hell of an afternoon of fun. I see Steve in the street a week later and he says we must definitely do that again. And we did. Many times.