Written by Foxinon


Linda (name changed) I think is a member here, married now, but still a swinger I see. She's going to remember this for sure.

I was 24 and Linda was barely legal in NZ back then. I'd met her at a barn dance and for some reason we hit it off immediately despite the fact there were dozens of guys better looking than me wanting to dance with her. It could have been that I was older, expensively dressed and drove a late model car, I really don't know what first attracted her to me, but I do know why the sex continued way after we broke up as a couple.

What I do know is, we wound up fucking in the back seat of my car after she'd placed her hand directly on my crotch after she'd asked me to drive her home. I remember being quite startled because she was so damn pretty and looked like an innocent little angel. I actually warned her that she didn't know what she was playing with and that I hated cock teasers. She just giggled and began to unzip me.

Yes I did the right thing and pulled over into a farmer's driveway, and when she finally managed to pull my cock out it was her turn to be startled. Well you readers have seen my pics and so you know I have a pretty big cock. Linda was totally enthralled with my huge erection, telling me it was by far the longest and thickest she'd ever played with. Her voice was thick with desire as she jerked it up and down with both hands.

I was a bit fearful about where the cum would go if she continued to jerk me off and told her to stop. She looked up at me quite astonished that I wanted her to stop. I explained that if she continued jerking my cock, there would be a hell of a sticky mess inside my car and over my clothes. Yeah I was treating her as a young one who had little sex experience.

But Linda didn't miss a beat, just kissed me quickly and surprised me by dropping her head between my legs and gliding her lips up and down over my erection. My hands were under her short skirt and I managed to undo her bra before I felt my climax coming.

I warned her I was about to cum, warned her twice in fact, since I knew most girls just didn't like cum in their mouths, but her head was bobbing up and down quite eagerly and then I was cumming in heavy spasms of pure pleasure, ejaculating into her mouth for almost one full minute. Seven or eight huge spurts of cum must have went straight down her throat. Even then she kept sucking and bobbing her head up and down. I was in 7th heaven.

She looked up at me and she was smiling and asked me if I had enjoyed that. Stupid question. My left hand was underneath her panties and fondling her bare backside. My right hand was caressing a perfectly shaped little breast and a hard little nipple. My cock was still fully erect and she was still slowly jerking it.

I asked her if she'd fucked a guy and she said she had. We kissed deeply and my fingers found her panties which were very wet. I caressed her wet sex for a few minutes while she stoked my cock. Linda helped me to remove her panties and soon she was lying on her back naked while I thrust two fingers in and out of her pussy. She orgasmed quite quickly, crying out in deep pleasure. I was bloody rampant at the sight of her long legged naked nubile body. I wanted more.

I climbed out of the drivers door, walked around the car and stripped off. I opened the rear passengers door. I sat down naked, my cock sticking up like an iron pole, and asked the girl if she wanted to have 'real' sex. I was playing with my cock. I was unsure if she'd actually been fucked due to her age.

Linda stared from the front seat watching me masturbating. We'd both orgasmed. I wanted more but did she? She did. She climbed the seat and got on top of me. We kissed deeply and my hands were all over bare back and backside. I forced her back and sucked her nipples. She was gasping. I pulled her petite body up and sure enough she pressed her wet sex hard against my mouth. I licked her hard and she responded by reaching back and clasping my huge cock.

She sank back, her voice quite hoarse, much like a man's voice, and guided my penis to her entrance. She commanded, yes commanded me to be still. Our eyes met. I could see the seriousness in her big blue eyes. She was holding my big cock with one hand, poised at the entrance at her wet cunt. I stayed perfectly still. Virgin or not?

In one sudden movement she engulfed my entire cock. I've never felt anything like it in my entire life. It was like my cock slid into a warm slick butter. I gasped. She did too. And then she fucked me. I mean I didn't fuck her. She fucked me. She went crazy, really crazy siding up and down on my pole with wild abandon.

I lost track of how many times she came, but she was quite vocal about it. I know I ejaculated inside her twice while she was riding me, that we were both covered with sweat and semen and at the end of the night we agreed the sex was out of the world.

But we progressed in an unusual way into mmf.

It was when I caught her fucking another guy.