Darren was about to turn 21 the next day but he was also about to be married.His friends had organised a stag party for him and some of us from his work were also invited.There were three other girls from the office and myself.I was 42 at the time and I`m one of the managers,, but the other girls were a bit younger.Darrens mates had him on the bed in the Motel room,,naked,blindfolded and one han tied to the bed.Apparently the plan was to send a hooker to him as the the others partied at a bar across the street.I didn't like this idea and the other girls were starting to get quite tipsy as they played drinking games etc.They took turns going into the bedroom to tease him and whisper silly stuff so he didn't know exactly who it was.As the evening drew on the visits from his friends became fewer and the girls hadn't been back for a while either.I had no intention of going over to the bar besides I didn't want to leave poor Darren alone.I made myself a coffee and sat in the lounge for a while.Eventually my curiousity got the better of me and I went into the bedroom,,it looked like he`d fallen asleep so I walked up next to him.I couldn't help thinking what a lovely body he had and his cock was lying flaccid on his belly.I sat on the edge of the bed and put my hand over his young shaved balls,,they felt like silk and I noticed his cock start to grow,,I put my hand around it and felt it get bigger with my touch.Ide known Darren for a couple of years and often thought he was quite attractive.I didn't ever think Id`e be in this situation with him though and he was getting married the next day so it was either now or never.He was was awake now and responding to my touching.His cock was fully erect and I stroked it slowly as he writhed and gasped.He said "who is this",,but I didn't answer him.Id`e be the last one in the office he`d think would be here doing this to him.I leaned forward and put my mouth around his lovely fat knob and sucked it,,I wanked and sucked him lovingly and hoped none of the others came back to interrupt.He was going crazy as I sucked him faster and faster then with a long growl I felt the first spirt of his young cum shoot into my mouth,,then another as I pulled away and finished him off with my hand.I leaned forward and gave him a quick kiss and went and got a towel to clean him up.He kept asking who it was but I didn't reply.Soon after my ride home arrived and I left,,the others were on their way back too so to this day he has no idea that his manager sucked his cock at his stag party.