I was living in Becks, Central Otago at the time and I am telling you all the women are taken up, it is such a small community no one plays. So I got onto a dating site that also promoted casual hookups.

Here I am freshly separated in the middle of nowhere with serious blue balls and prepared to travel, well it took a while working out how to chat with couples (six months) till I got a live one in Balcutha. Their profile was obviously created by Anna but Steve was running it when I contacted them, letting them know, I was keen on some playtime.

They were just getting back into the scene after a break of a couple of years and invited me to meet them at the Beaumont pub for lunch on Saturday, with the indication that if all went well we would end up at their place later on. Well we hit it off big time, Anna was super excited cause she had never been with someone as tall as me. They were sitting down when I arrived and I had not taken much notice of their heights on their profile so was a little surprised that as we were leaving, she only came up to my elbow, Steve wasn't much taller than her and they both said the classic line in unison, "fuck you are tall". Anna noticed me adjusting myself as I got up and smiled. Our cars were side by side as we walked up to them, Steve shook my hand saying, "just follow us" I gave Anna a little hug stooping down, She opened her door, looked around, took my left hand with her right, got close, put her right hand on my thigh and slid it up to feel what she was in for. A couple of seconds later she is climbing in the passengers seat of her car with a big grin saying, "I'm a tart aren't I".

They invited me in, Steve and I cracked a can of beer each as Anna jumped in the shower. He said she is super horny you better sort her out. She came out five min later with only a fluffy robe on, gave me a towel and said your turn.

Taking Steve's prompt I put my hands on her waist and lifted her up onto the counter, kissed her with tounges going flat out. I opened her robe and there was the most petite little toned body I had ever seen. With a sculptured V on her mound and little breasts. Absolutely no sign that she had popped out three kids. Yes she is a triathlete. I hooked my hands under her knees, lifted them up tipping her back on the bench and ever so lightly dipped just the tip of my tounge into the base of her pussy and ran it up to her clit. Flicked her clit a few times as Steve watched. I stood up, skulled the last half of the can and headed to the shower leaving her saying, "you big tease" and Steve just leaning against the other counter top laughing.

Emerging from the bathroom with just the towel wrapped around me I saw Steve and he pointed to a door off the lounge saying she is in there.

Here was a massive super king sized bed with a mirror covering the whole wall from floor to ceiling on one side of the bed and a lazy boy chair on the other side. Anna had her knees on the edge of the bed, ass in the air, her left shoulder on the sheet and her right hand was working her pussy. what a sight. I started caressing her ass as Steve sat in the chair and my cock began straining against the towel. I took her right hand away from her pussy and said don't touch, she looks at him and he grins. I kneel and start kissing the backs of her thighs, landing little butterfly kisses everywhere until goose bumps rise all over her as I slowly get closer and closer to her wet pussy. I get her to lower her ass down so her knees are folded under her and start flicking my tounge at the top of her butt working down to her ass making the tounge flicks lighter and lighter as I get closer. She is starting to get a bit vocal as the anticipation is getting to her, I ever so lightly trace a circle three inches around her butt hole, getting closer and closer with each rotation of my tounge and stop just as she thinks I am about to get to the sweet spot. She verbally abused me as I sit back on my haunches. I am looking at her ass and pussy, she is super wet cause her pussy is actually blowing bubbles.

I tell her to get on her back as I pull my towel off, with her ass on the edge of the bed, she hooks her arms around behind her knees and I dive my tounge into her, lapping up her juices and working on her clit. She is so wet, juices start overflowing and slowly running down her ass and I resume circling her butt hole with my left index finger and gently test the entrance as my tounge still is working her clit and randomly diving into her pussy. With little electric shocks surging through her she let's go of her legs. I hold her ankles together with my right hand pushing her knees back to her breasts and see that Steve has his cock in his hand as he is watching me pleasure his wife. I just keep going and have worked my left index finger into her ass up to the second joint. As I gently work it in and out of her, she is getting shorter and shorter breaths. With my tounge working magic on her clit and goose bumps upon goose bumps all over her thighs and her head flopping from side to side she looked ready for some cock.

I stand naked facing her on the bed, Steve throws a couple of condoms at me, I roll one on as Anna watches, I lift her knees up to her breasts with both hands allowing my hard throbbing cock to slide up and down her slit and push my balls into her super wet twitching pussy. She says fuck me now. I grin and slide for a few more minutes enjoying the sensation and the view. Then push just the head of my cock inside her and hold. Geez she is tight, after a bit I start working my cock deeper and deeper ever so slowly till I can't get any deeper, watching the expressions on her face as I fill her with 7.5 inches of hard throbbing cock, she tips her head back, looks at Steve and says "Fuck that's good" he is smiling and his hand is getting faster and faster on his cock.

I keep a firm brisk pace testing angles till I realise I am hitting her cervix cause she shreaks a little each time I hit it, it's not to much for her so I hold her firm and pick up the pace and she is now really starting to make some noise, Steve's eyes widen, he nods approval as Anna starts loosing it with the vocals, I feel her pussy clamping me and the odd little squirt then stop to catch my breath.

I ask her to put her arms around my neck and wrap her legs around my butt to lift her further up the bed, staying connected, getting me away from the edge.

With her legs still round my butt, I lower my torso down on top of her, push my forehead into the pillow becide her head and reach my long arms down each side of her, my left hand pushing a finger in her ass as my first two fingers on my right hand enjoy the wetness my cock is diving into.

Alternating thrusts, pushing my finger in her ass as I withdraw my cock and slamming my cock in as I withdraw my finger gets her vocals going again but she is looking at Steve so that's good for my ear.

I lift off so as not to over heat, roll her onto her left side lift her right leg and fuck her scissor style and blow my load tipping my head back then collapse on top of her.

Is that what you were after I ask, they both nod or say yes. I pull the condom off, tie it, wrap it in tissues dump it on the floor and spoon her for a bit before we all get up and go through to the lounge.

There Steve takes Anna on the couch doggy style and just watching starts to get me hard, she beckons me over and starts giving me a blow job, I had never spit roasted a chick before but within minutes Steve had blown his load as he was watching his wife swallow my semi firm cock.

They said I could stay the night, gave me the spare room, I woke to the smell of bacon and eggs wafting in from the kitchen the next morning and a nice blow job before I headed home.

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