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"Luscious lovely."
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I’d been out and about drinking in the city. I dropped by the cafe because the light was on and talking to the girl cleaning up was a buxom woman in a bright dress that obviously she was wearing a bikini underneath. Immediately I felt her interest. We chatted for a while and then decided to go for a beer. We went to a noisy city pub with a dj and a dance floor. We danced a little then sat at the edge of the dance floor. Before I knew it we were making out. She was hot and passionate and wanted my hands all over her. I got the feeling she wanted everyone to see. This was her place where she picked up guys, and perhaps there was an ex or two there watching, and she wanted them to see her getting it on with a random stranger. I cupped her breasts and ran my hands up her dress as we kissed and writhed. Finally she took me back to her place, and when the dress came off her body was stunning. Pierced belly button, fluorescent bikini, and visible tan-lines. This girl liked sex, and loved to dress for it. She had one of those sensual faces that go with a buxom body; full pouting lips, dark eyes that somehow seemed slightly cross-eyed, and straight dark hair framing her high cheek-bones, and then falling around her shoulders. She was at the same time full-figured and athletic. I kissed her strong neck, and she took me, that is really the best description of the love-making. After I licked her pussy for a while she rolled me over and she rode me. I had one hand on one of her big firm breasts and with the other hand I stroked and squeezed her arse and thigh. Her naked body was lit by fairy lights, and as she panted gently she pushed herself down around my shaft, doing a little circular twist of her hips as she pushed down and rose up again. Every now and then she came forward and her breasts dangled in my face, her nipples brushing my skin. We came deep and hard, but didn’t stop our passion. We clung to one another and moved until every drop was spent. Years later I lived not far from that place. I don’t know how long she lived there, I never saw her, but every time I go down that street even now I have a very sweet, half-lit, memory of that passionate night.

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