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Okay so after my first meeting with Tina we stayed in touch by text and sometimes a phone call when I was away from home, it turned out that she was very shy and self conscious of her body, she was about 165cm and 60kg not bad looking, I convinced her that it was all in her mind after being rejected and criticised by her past partners.

During one of our phone calls I got her to get naked in bed and to start touching herself touching her nipples and going down and stroking her pussy and eventually giving herself a gentle finger fucking, I told her that while she was doing that I had my cock out and was stroking it thinking about her playing with herself, she enjoyed that and we did it twice, then I told her I was coming thru on the next Tuesday so she said she would come and see me.

She arrived straight from Junior Softball practise she was the coach, she was hot and sweaty so I suggested she have a shower, she agreed and went into the bathroom leaving the door open stripped off and got into the shower, when she finished she came out with the towel wrapped around her and sat opposite me with her legs slightly parted so that I could see right up to her cunt, she has a smile on her face as she teased me, After a couple of wines I asked whether she would like a massage, she said she really would, I pulled the covers off the bed, she stood up and dropped the towel standing there completely naked, then she laid face down on the bed, spreading her legs apart slightly.

I crouched on the bed in my briefs and started massaging her neck shoulders and down her back and bum area, then I went down to her feet and started there working up her legs and inner thighs, across her cunt lips, she was giving off little moans of pleasure and moving her hips around, I slipped a finger inside her cunt and slowly started finger fucking her, she lifted her hips off the bed to allow my to push my finger in deeper, then I pushed in 2 fingers and kept finger fucking her she was really enjoying it.

I then asked her to turn over which she did, she just laid there with her legs further apart and that lovely trimmed pubic area, I leaned in and started kissing her, then I oiled her and gave her shoulders and tits a nice massage before moving down her body and finally inserting 2 fingers back inside her cunt, she reached out and found that my cock was hard inside my briefs, due to the fact that I had taken a Niagra tablet, she rubbed my cock while I was finger fucking her cunt, I felt her start to tense up and then she started cuming letting out a little scream of delight as she came on my hand.

I continued to kiss her as I kept fingering her cunt.

Then I moved down the bed and went to part her legs further to start licking her cunt, she asked me what I was going to do and I told her, she said no don't do that, so I then laid back beside her and asked why, she said that she had not had oral sex for over 25 years and that she was scared, I said that there was nothing to be scared of, and then said l;et me show you, she said okay as long as I stopped if she asked I agreed.

I spread her legs wide apart and bent her knees up slightly, then I went down and started gently licking up and down the full length of her pretty pink cunt lips, moving up and nibbling on her clit, she started to show signs of enjoying this so I just kept licking and sometimes poking my tongue inside her cunt, biting her inner thighs, she was getting more and more excited as I could hear her moaning, I knew she was getting close to cuming again, so I just kept going, suddenly I felt her start to cum she clammed her legs together and grabbed my head and held it hard against her cunt as I felt her juices running down my chin, she came over and over screaming lightly as she came.

After she finished cuming I moved up the bed and kissed her so she could taste her cunt juices off my face, she then said what about you, I said well do you want me to fuck you, she said no not this time, how about I give you a hand release, I said you could always suck me off . however she said she would prefer not to this time, so she grabbed the oil pulled down my briefs and released my hard cock, she then oiled me up and proceeded to give me a beautiful jhandjob stroking up and down the full length of my cock rubbing around the head, up and down until I reached the point that I told her I was ready to cum, she said that's good cum all over my tits, she kept stroking me over and over until I exploded shooting huge globs of cum over her tits she kept pumping my cock until there was nothing left to have, she had cum all over her.

We cleaned up and she left.

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