I pick him up from the airport. Anticipation is high, as soon as he sits in the passenger seat our lips are locked and tongues deep. I feel the wanting and the needing from us both in that kiss.

I start the car quickly and drive straight to the motel. Keys are retrieved and bags brought inside. Our hands not straying far from each other.

He knows that today and tonight its my time. I will be in charge of this time together.

We wander across the road hand in hand to the liquor store, each selecting the beverages we want. Walking back my mind is spinning about what the day will hold.

We each take a drink and sit out in the small patio area, sun streaming down, patios beside and balconies above us.

We sit and drink and talk, stopping here and there to kiss and explore each other...

He reaches for the crotch of his jeans and I can see that he is hard, I reach my foot over and rub his cock through his jeans, he eyes me as I do it...I know he wants to jump from the chair right now and grab me, but this is against the rules. I keep rubbing, his head tilting back a little, a quick look of pleasure. Right enough.

I drop my foot and go back to the conversation and my drink, glancing over I can see the want on his face. I think I am grinning. Its hard not to enjoy the tease.

We stay outside in this area for awhile, teasing every now and then. When I see him reaching for his button. I watch as he slowly unbuttons his jeans and pulls the zip down. Hard cock escaping from his pants. I can not resist and get up from my seat, kneeling between his legs and taking his full length very very slowly in my mouth...I needed a taste. And then I stop.

He readjust himself and does his jeans back up...the bulge looking bigger. My taste for him growing.

I decide now is the time for a mission. Its time for a walk through the city. We walk hand in hand through hagley park, cicadas loud and people rushing about....we keep walking down streets before finally arriving at our destination...Peaches and cream.

Its valentines day so the city is full of couples all walking the streets hand in hand, having romantic dinners and then trickling into the sextoy shop for some extra valentines day spice.

I like to study couples together, try and read their sexual energy and excitement...some are handsy with each other...others look purely business. We are handsy and kissy, im getting rather excited and a little flustered being surrounded by so much naughty toys.

We pick things up. We hold them. We talk about them. We select a couple of things to try out and leave smiling. This is the forth time we are meeting, but the butterflies I get make me feel like its the first.

We grab some dinner from a little caravan and decide to get an uber back to the motel. I dont think I would be able to manage the half hour walk without needing to rip his clothes off.

Once home its business time...I tell him to turn the shower on and we undress and step in. His job is to wash me and himself which he does well, as soon as he is finished I order him out to wait for me on a dining chair that has been set up, rope loop on the back and spreader bar on the bottom.

I dress..catsuit...long shoulder length gloves...black high heels and the lace hood. I feel powerful in this outfit. I step out of the bathroom, tits out of the suit on full display and I hear him "holy fuck". That was such a great reaction I think to myself in the moment. I sit on a chair and make him do the clips up on my heels, I can feel his hand trailing over my ankles and then its back to the chair for him. I take the other lace hood with the mouth hole and put it on him from behind. Running my gloved hand slowly down his chest.

His wrists and ankles already have the cuffs on, I take each of his arms and clip them to the rope loop. Im not sure how he will like being restrained, he normally enjoys the more dominant role. I then move to the ankle cuffs. Gloves tracing their way down each leg. He has put a cock ring on and his cock is rock hard. I can't take my eyes off it, I clip each ankle to the spreader bar that is in behind the front chair legs. He is restrained. He is not going anywhere.

I run my gloves up his legs, up the thighs and ever so lightly over his balls and up the shaft. I can feel his body shudder under my touch. I can see his arms tense and try to fight against the restraints. I continue my tease. Slow, light touches. I remove my gloves and soak my hand in lube, smearing it all over his cock and balls. Keeping my touch very light, I run my hands up and down, switching up angles and the position of my hands. He is squirming, I know he has been edging and saving up his load for me. I continue with the slow tease, until I can feel myself nearly exploding with sexual need.

I sit on the chair opposite him and open my legs. Unzip the catsuit until I have access to my pussy, I grab the wand off the bed and place it on my clit, that low humming building me to the edge..I can feel his eyes on me....I throw my head back and arch my back as the sweet orgasm washes over me.

Now I turn my attention back to my restrained man. I continue on with the slow edging tease. He hangs in there well until I realise how tense his arms are and can see he is in visible pain. He has been straining against them for ages and has said they are sore from all the tensing so I unclip him. I smile to myself. Legs first, and then his arms.

I lay back on the bed, catsuit and heels still on. Lifting my ass in the air he unzips the catsuit from the back bringing it around the front and over my pussy. My ass on the end of the bed and legs over the edge resting on his legs, he kneels on the floor and firmly plants his face in my pussy. His tongue knowing exactly the right speed and pressure, like we have been lovers for years. His fingers slide inside and his speed quickens, my thighs are starting to twitch as I feel myself building, moans escaping my mouth.

I know I am close, he somehow knows I am close and everything moves at a feverpitch until suddenly I am cumming, a hot gush escaping me, my body thrashing around, my heels digging in so hard to his thighs they would leave indents in his skin, I'm still cumming, I think I may have even gone blind for a minute.

The night goes by in a haze of constant pleasure. He fucks me in so many different positions, my pussy having no rest and my thighs trembling non stop.

Needing a break and air we sit out on the motel patio...and before I even know what is happening my legs are open again and he is fucking me on the outdoor chair, the excitement of one of the other guests stepping onto their balcony or patio seeing us just adding to my excitement and im soon cumming again.

After moving inside and fucking for quite awhile, I could hear he was getting close and finally felt him explode inside me...it dribbling out of my pussy, down between my ass cheeks and needing to grab a towel to clean up.

I think in the end the kink and roleplay gave way to a night of pleasure giving from us both, swept away in the excitement and both enjoying laying together afterwards in the orgasm glow......

I lay in bed satisfied by such an amazing night, but also very aware that the next day Kitten and Sir would be playing.