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Friday night in unicorn land

How to end a week perfectly


4 minute read

He was running late and I was falling asleep, so I asked him to let himself in quietly and give me lots of slow foreplay to get myself back in the right headspace. When he arrived, I was lying in bed with one of my sexiest slips on, sleepy and relaxed. He growled a little when he moved the sheet back and saw what I was wearing. He kissed me gently and started slowly running his hands over my body, murmuring in appreciation. He quickly stood up again and peeled off his tee shirt and jeans. I made sure to watch this part - the perfectly sculpted chest, powerful arms, and strong thighs are a feast for my eyes... even when they’re very tired eyes. Peeling off his cheeky little briefs, he moved back onto my bed. He seduced me perfectly, repeatedly moving his hands up my legs and along my inner thigh but not touching my pussy just yet. His hands would pass over my breasts and lightly squeeze my nipples. It wasn’t long before I was arching my hips and pushing gently against him. He’s a great reader of these cues; the fingers started to caress my labia, the hands to squeeze my full breasts more firmly, and his soft wet mouth was alternating between kissing me and sucking on my nipples. He knows how well that arouses me. I moved onto my side and pushed him gently onto his back... My turn. Lifting myself up, I started to trail kisses across his neck, over his broad chest, slowly down his side... making sure to suck on his nipples as I went. As my mouth moved slowly and surely closer to his waiting cock, I was caressing his thigh with my left hand, stroking in towards his sac and teasing him a bit. After pleasing him with my mouth and tongue for a while, my own pleasure was ramping up real fast... so fast that when he flipped me onto my back and headed down between my legs, it took barely any time for me to have my first orgasm. And then he slipped his fingers into me... Dangerous stuff. I didn’t quite manage to grab the nearby hand towel (because, you know, one learns to anticipate the need...) and slip it under my hips before the first squirt. Who cares, right? That’s what washing machines and waterproof mattress protectors are for. *wink* After lapping up and sucking on me - and holy fuck, that’s divine - he got onto his knees, grabbed each leg in turn and settled them onto his shoulders. Pressing his hands down on my shoulders, he grinned and said “this is a ground and pound...” The pounding while pinned down was brilliant; I will be asking for that combo again. *grin* The first time, he didn’t cum. He held on and just enjoyed the sensation of my second squirt over his cock during the pounding. Getting that wet makes it easy for a cock to be squeezed out so I asked to be on top. Riding a hard cock is sure to please me; but that worked for him too because it was the first time a woman had squirted on him while riding him - apparently the rush of warmth down the balls and inner thighs when you’re close to cumming is hugely enjoyable. He used a more vivid expression to describe that... along the lines of “oh my god, that was so fucking hot”... So now we’re at waterworks number three at least, and my poor hand towel is getting damp as it’s whipped around the bed. Lol We rest and chat a little, stroking each other’s bodies because we find each other fucking hot. The next round, he does cum, all over my breasts. This guy is healthy and fit; he delights me with his ability to get hard and fuck me, and ejaculate, time and again. He’s one of the few who can actually wear me out, because I will cum and cum and cum. (When in capable hands and with a strong hard cock, that is... ) The round after that, he cums on my belly because I’m riding him again and that orgasm squeezes him out at an inopportune moment. Again. Aw well, that happens. It doesn’t reduce the enjoyment of the post-climax shudders as you collapse on each other in a sweaty cuddle... So much fucking, so much squirting, so many orgasms. My Friday night ended after 1.30am Saturday... and I have another date tonight. Let the good times roll, my swinger friends... (And thank you, Sexychocolate...)

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