So this was a few years ago I was 23 at the time I think.

My mates had just got a house together so there was a housewarming party. Was a good night from what I can remember I got very intoxicated and was unable to carry on to town afterwards with them. So my mates mum offered to get a taxi with me to make sure I got back to the flat ok.

So we both got in the backseat and off we went. It wasn't long until her hands started to wander up my leg and I just let it go on until she was rubbing my now hard cock through my pants with a smile on her face I was shocked when she undid my fly and took my hard cock out then lowered her mouth onto him. Her bright red lipstick like only mothers wear wrapped around my cock was so hot to watch and she sure knew how to suck a cock.

We get home and sadly that's all I remember that's how drunk I was. So when I wake up in the morning I am shocked to find my mates mum in my bed naked! I quickly jump up and lock my door thinking fuck what have I done. She then wakes up and the blanket pulls down her body revealing a big pair of tits. My shock quickly turns to arousal.

After a quick chat I find out we fucked. This really turns me on now I live with 3 of my mates who all know her so I get up to see which is home and if I can sneak her out. Two are asleep and one is in the garage with a chick playing pool still drinking so to risky.

I race back to my room and she is still naked in my bed not worried about the situation I'm freaking out about. She just says lock the door and come here. I jump back in bed and immediately she starts kissing me and rubbing my cock I think I should stop this is so wrong but if I've already done it I might as well again and remember it.

She kisses her way down my body until she has my hard cock in her mouth, mmm, sucking and licking, teasing the tip it feels so good she spits all over him and starts to jerk me fast while licking and kissing my balls then a first for me she starts to tongue my ass and wow it feels amazing. She keeps doing this hearing my heavy breathing she knows I'm loving it and getting close to exploding. I tell her I'm gonna cum and she puts her mouth over my tip and jerks my warm load Into her mouth it was so hot to watch.

She then kisses her way back up until she's sitting on top of me her wet pussy on top of my cock she starts grinding back and forth teasing me she is so wet. She reachs back and guides my tip into her waiting pussy then takes all my length inside her. Shes riding me while her big tits are bouncing in my face and I'm sucking on her nipples. She starts to moan and I freak out she is too loud so she grabs her panties and stuffs them in her mouth, mmm, this drives me insane I push her off me and bend her over the edge of the bed while I stand. I start to pound her pussy from behind so hard and deep I can hear her muffled moans as I slide in and out of my mates mums pussy it's so wrong but feels so good. I keep pounding away wondering if anyone can hear my balls slapping against her clit the thought brings me to feel my cock throb as I explode deep inside her.

Few hours later I get a knock on my door asking if I want to get breakfast I decline and this is my chance to sneak her out and drop her home.

We caught up again a few times as the sexual chemistry was to much to deny..