A long time friend of mine told me in confidence that she was having an affair. Well, not so much an affair but that she had a guy she met with sometimes for sex, and just sex. The more she told me the more envious I became. This guy she was meeting was a bit younger than her, she's 49 and he's 30. She'd go into explicit detail about what her did for her and it got to the stage where I just wanted to hear more and more. Sure enough eventually she offered to give me the guy`s phone number and encouraged me to text him and just start a friendship with him as well. It was about three weeks before I plucked up the courage to text him, it was purely curiosity and all I said was, "Hi, I'm Anna, a friend of Wendy's"...there was no reply for about 4 hours but finally he came back with "hi,I`m Ben,what are you into"?..we exchanged a few txt`s and he suggested I come and visit him on the Thursday afternoon,I agreed and then started getting really nervous.I did a drive by past his home and saw that it was,as he said, in a discreet area and that my car wouldn't be seen.I was easily able to get away on that afternoon and even against my better judgement and doubts I drove to his house.I was so nervous as I knocked on the door, that I was shaking,he invited me inside and we sat on his 3 seater.He was drop dead gorgeous,tall,built and very self confident.His self confidence seemed to almost border on arrogance but I was drawn to him and I felt excited as we chatted.He made the first move by leaning in and kissing me,his hands wandered and explored at first until he lifted himself up enough to slip his shorts down,he took my hand and placed it on his cock,it felt silky and thick and huge and with his hand behind my head he gently but forcefully brought my face close to it,I lifted it up and slowly drew the foreskin down to expose his big swollen knob glistening with precum,"suck it",,he said,so I put my mouth around it,,"mmmmm,yeah,fuck yeah" he moaned,I moved myself around into a more comfortable position and went to work on his lovely thick,and very long cock.He was loving what I was doing to him but after a couple of minutes of it he stopped me and we stood up,he lifted his singlet up and off, and helped me out of my clothes,he took one of my boobs into his mouth as his hand explored between my legs,I held his cock and gently squeezed it as we stood together infront of the 3 seater.He sat me back down and pulled me forward so that my bum was on the edge and lifted my legs up and apart,he paused for a few seconds then said "I`m going to fuck you baby",,my reply was just a muffled "aha",but that wasn't good enough for him,he wanted to hear me say it.So I answered him again with "yes,fuck me",he positioned himself over me and slid his cock all the way into me,I pulled my legs back and rested my feet on his butt.He was thrusting into me like an animal and I supported myself with my arms around his neck.He kept up this hard fast pace non stop for what seemed like ages and I could feel the sweat on his back.At one stage he whispered in my ear "do you like my cock Anna",,,,,again my response was just a muffled "aha",,and again he wanted to hear it louder and clearer so I said,,"yes,I love your cock",,,a few more minutes of this absolute intense thrusting and he let out a long deep growl and I felt him explode inside me.He waited for a few seconds then just pulled away from me and stood up.I was stunned,I stood up too and dressed and he walked me to the door.I looked at him and said,,"thankyou",,he smiled back at me and said "txt me",,I took that as an open invitation to return and that's what I had every intention of doing.

I waited 3 days and sent him a txt saying hi and asking if he was free the next day which he was.Id`e prepared by buying some new sexy underwear and had my hair done and went for a wax aswell.He invited me in and led me straight to his bedroom,I was relieved because the 3 seater had been so uncomfortable.He took control immediately and had me sucking his cock as he held a tight grip of my hair.He became vocal and the more he said the more aroused I became.He pulled me over ontop of him so I could ride him and I knew within a few minutes that Id`e cum like that.I rocked back and forward on his lovely big thick cock,slowly at first,then up to a pace that I knew would bring me to orgasm.And orgasm I did,it was intense and I needed time to recover.He didn't want to wait and lifted me up and around onto my hands and knees.Luckily the bed had a big old style headboard that I could support myself on as he thrust into hard and fast.It was glorious and he made me feel the way I wanted to feel.He slapped my bum and pulled my hair back as he pounded harder and faster into me.It took him ages to cum and I loved every delicious minute of it.The new underwear,hairdo and waxing meant nothing to him,he didn't say a thing,he just wanted to fuck me and send me on my way,I thought as I left,I want more of this,a lot more.