We were moving from Hamilton to Palmerston North and my husband and kids had gone ahead of me and I was driving our SUV towing a horsefloat full of furniture.About halfway along the Desert Road I felt something was wrong with the way the car was handling so even though it was raining I pulled over and got out to inspect.The bloody left front tyre was flat and I had no way of changing it myself or contacting my husband for help.I hopped back in the car and wondered what the heck I was going to do when a big truck pulled up behind me.The driver and his passenger got out and came to my door,,Id`e wound the window down but not too much as the rain had got a bit heavier.I told the guys what was wrong and they offered to help.I got out and tried to help but all I got was wet.It only took the guys about half an hour to change the wheel but as we were all soaked the driver insisted that I hop in the cab to dry off.It was one of those sleeper type trucks and it was surprising how roomy it was inside.My T shirt was saturated and clinging to me and my little denim mini skirt was quite wet too.The driver,,Dave suggested I take the T off and let it dry,,it was obvious what he had in mind but I told him Id`e be fine and said Id`e better go.He moved in closer to me and put his arm around me,,I had the choice of putting a stop to it all and hopping out of the truck,,but I didn't.I let him go for a while as he lifted my top off,,his hand went to my inner thigh and I still just let him go.The other guy Stu moved in closer too and it wasn't long before I was completely naked and sucking Daves cock.This was all completely out of character for me.I was a happily married woman,my husband was a well known businessman and Id`e never cheated on him before..I just simply couldn't resist these two guys and soon found myself being fucked in everyway possible,,they we`re doing things to me that I hadn't done since before I was married and I felt so absolutely used and more sexually excited than Id`e been for a long long time,,,so,,it came to an end,,I cleaned myself up as best as I could and said goodbye and carried on my way home,,,,,,,