So if you have read part 1, no need for a recap. If not beautiful blonde lady, on bed, lot's of stroking and come everywhere at the finish. She leaves in the early morning.

So you know that feeling you wake with after a night of sensual and joyful sex. That was me but I had to go to work. I must have looked like the cat that had drunk the cream but had only had 3 hours sleep because a colleague said to me, "mate you look like you been up all night fucking?" Luckily save by the break!

So going back to the residence you get that ole fear in your stomach of maybe this was not what you thought it could be. Especially when you don't see her at dinner. But as I was walking up to my flat at the Halls, waiting outside my door was the same blonde goddess. She looked worried so I smiled and hurried to get there. "You want to come in?"


We sat there and then she together on the bed just wandering who would be brave enough to speak. Deciding a slap was better than not knowing, I took her head gently in my hands, turned her towards me and kissed her on the lips. When her lips opened and her tongue danced with mine, ahh I knew this was different.

I began to work my hands on her breasts through her shirt. Those long round slow movements that woman love. Tenderly building the pressure upon her breasts, whilst kissing her lips and neck. She said, "quick pull the curtains and lock the door." Oops our kissing and fondling could be seen by any body walking past the flat. Oh well who cares. I rose from the bed and did those things. As I turned back towards the bed my lovely lady was on top with just her panties on, waiting. I must admit my clothes have never hit the floor so fast, although one does need to be careful when removing ones underwear over an erection. Do it wrong and tears come.

We lay beside each other and allowed each others hands to explore all of nooks and crannies. She love being kissed along her biceps, whilst having her sides lightly stroked. She teased and licked my nipples whilst rubbing my butt checks. Finally I could take no more. I went down to her moist love grotto and began to lick her labia. Using my hand to keep her legs apart I feasted upon her pussy and clit. She moaned and thrashed on the bed. She started to lift her hips from the bed saying " I am close, please more more, I'M comm.." At that point I jabbed my finger up her ass. She literally went off in orgasm. I moved it in and out until she pleaded no more. As we lay there, sweat glistening her body, her eyes sparkling there was only one emotion that could define the moment. Love.

Then she looked at me and said "my turn...."

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