Written by Anonymous


It was the mid 90s, I was in my 20s and I was dating Diane who was a couple of years younger than me. She still technically lived at home but was spending most nights at my house.

We used to hang out quite a lot with her workmate Jackie and her husband Steve who were a couple of years older than us both but we had a lot in common and got on really well. I’d always thought Jackie was quite sexy looking and I know Steve thought the same about Diane, in fact he was always teasing her that if he ever broke up with Jackie she could have have him!

One weekend we went down to Diane’s family bach in the Sounds and had a great day out fishing. After dinner we are sitting around in the lounge watching a video and the 2 girls get up and go out to the kitchen. We can hear them giggling and the next thing they both appear in the lounge naked, Jackie announcing that the 2 of them had been talking during the week and decided to spice things up for the night.

Jackie moves straight over and straddles me and I look over her shoulder and see Diane on her knees pulling Steve’s track pants off. This is the sort of thing you see in porn videos not real life! Steve’s cock is at least 9 inches and Diane is struggling to take it all in her mouth but she’s giving it a bloody good try. I’ve got 2 fingers inside Jackie but my cock is bursting against my shorts. I stand up and Jackie pulls them down and wraps her lips around my cock, I’m looking across at Steve getting blown by my girlfriend and I get a thumbs up back along with a big smile.

The girls lead us into the bedroom and instruct us both to lay on the bed so they can ride us. I’m fucking another guys wife and her husband is inside my girlfriend. Then the 2 girls start kissing each other which is a huge turn on (turns out they have played with each other a few times before). After a while we’re both standing on the bed and the girls are sucking us some more, this is all completely new ground for me. First time having sex with more than one person, first time naked around another guy. It feels comfortable, maybe it’s because I’m so turned on.

Diane announces she wants to be spit roasted so I take the front while Steve enters her from behind. I can tell she is enjoying it, she’s moaning non stop sucking my cock while being pounded from behind. Then Jackie decides she wants a turn and the 2 girls just swap positions, Steve going straight out of Diane’s pussy and into his wife’s. Both girls have cum so many times but they still want more.

I slip round and enter Diane, I’m so turned on both by watching Steve pound Jackie beside me and strangely also by the fact another guy has just had his cock in my girlfriend’s pussy.

Jackie then announces she wants to ride me again so I lay back while she mounts me and then I feel and see Steve move behind her. Fuck he’s entering her ass and we are dp’ing Jackie. This is an unreal feeling and I can’t hold back, I explode inside Jackie. I pull out and roll away, Steve continuing to fuck Jackie’s ass until he cums, meanwhile Diane is licking my cock and balls which are covered in a mixture of my cum and Jackie’s juices.

After a while Diane and I went back to our own room and we could hear Jackie and Steve at it again, clearly he was enjoying her cum filled pussy. This got us both horny again and we ended up in a long slow 69 before Diane hopped on top again.

We had several more encounters like that over the next few months, including one night where Diane went to Steve’s and Jackie came to mine. It was a real eye opener into another world.

Sadly Steve got a transfer to Auckland about 6 months later and he and Jackie moved away. Diane and I broke up eventually, I haven’t seen her for a while but I did catch up with Steve and Jackie about 5 years later when they were back for Christmas and we had a threesome for old times sake. I believe they are hardcore swingers now days, even travelling overseas to play parties.