We had met for coffee earlier that week - an impromptu “so coffee, then?” after a few months of chatting online. The coffee meeting had gone well for me - I liked his green eyes, his height, and the breadth of his shoulders. The cheeky humour just as apparent in person as it was online was a bonus.

I still had questions about whether anything physical would happen - we both have busy lives and its trickier for married folk to sneak away. That Sunday morning, I’d had a hot KS date the night before. I was still enjoying that “fuck-drunk” feeling of delicious sexiness. When texting, he said he could do with some morning action. I pointed out it was still morning… and after some more suggestive flirting, I sent my address and said the door would be unlocked. He said half an hour…

I had just enough time to shower slowly and with an expectant smile on my face, unlock the front door, put some suitable music on, and slide my warm, clean, and slightly aroused body back between the sheets.

I barely had time to think about what pose I wanted to be found in when I heard the front door open. He was here!

I guessed he would follow the music so stayed still and quiet, lying on my stomach facing the bedroom door, trying and failing to suppress the excited smile. I was hoping for seductress, not grinning idiot…

I could hear him moving - was that the sound of clothing hitting the floor? Yes. Yes? Yes! He strolled into my bedroom completely naked and slid into bed beside me.

“Just as well I told the truth about the house number,” I chuckled. He agreed with me but didn’t seem bothered by the thought of strolling starkers into a stranger’s house. Good man.

We were lying close, face to face and we kissed. Great start - you can tell a lot about how the sex is going to go from the first kiss. And this kiss promised a lot; the tingle it created between my legs was pleasing indeed. He apologised for his cold hands as they moved onto my hip, but I certainly didn’t mind. I also didn’t mind as those cool hands roamed down my thigh, back over my hip, up my back, then slowly back down to my butt. I let out a quiet moan of appreciation - I adore having my body stroked. I couldn’t wait for those slow and strong hands to explore further; I wanted him to find out how wet his touch and kiss had already made me.

I moved my top leg, making it easier for a roving hand to slip between my legs, if one were so inclined… he was. From there, it all became a bit of blur. I remember kissing my way down his chest not long after that, because I love cocks and wanted to have his in my mouth. The feel of a nice full sac under your lips and tongue, the delight of drawing each testicle into your mouth and swirling your tongue over them each… bloody arousing.

He wasn’t having that, though. I was slowly but firmly drawn up, flipped onto my back, and subjected to the same treatment - slow kisses from my mouth and throat down my chest, a small but delicious pause on my nipples, then down my belly… It has been ages since anyone gently bit my inner thighs and took so much sweet sweet time before putting a warm and moist mouth on my girl parts.

The oral treat was among the best I’ve had. Guys often say that they enjoy oral and will eat you out for a long time… but when the game they bring matches or beats all the talk, by God it’s good. I could tell from the twinkle in those green eyes peeking up at me from between my legs that he was enjoying how often he was making my hips buck, making my breathing stop, making my juices fill his mouth… The long slow licks, the gentle tugging on my clit, the swirling my generous labia around in his mouth, the tongue inside me, the switching to fast and hard licks right on my clit and back to slow when I was about to cum but he made me wait a bit longer, the well timed insertion of fingers to stroke my G-spot… He had me entirely under the spell of that talented mouth and his two strong fingers and he knew it.

When I finally reached that point of rubber-limbed helplessness, I asked for a few minutes to regain my senses before we focused on his pleasure. He said no…. He’d done what he had come to do, and would leave me wanting more. I muttered a protest and said I’d have to use the toy instead, then.

He dressed, kissed me tenderly goodbye, and made his way out. I lay in my messy bed for a while longer, and didn’t reach for the toy at all. I couldn’t. I was thoroughly well fucked… and now I’m looking forward to what the next time will bring.

His evil ploy worked, in that regard. And I don’t mind at all.

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