Written by Anonymous


I drove the hour to his house early, got there, slowly stripped off and slid into his bed. I was hungry for his cock...went down and sucked him under the covers for a bit. Came up, we kissed hard and he fingered me, I was so wet, came a few times with him rubbing and slapping my pussy. Then we just fucked around for a while in the bed.

He told me to get on my knees, fucked me hard like that for sometime. I felt him fiddling around with something, he was putting a cock ring on and was lubing his hard cock up. I knew what he wanted so I reached behind me and pulled my cheeks apart....he eased his cock into me, felt so fucking good. Fucked me like this, first slow then harder when I told him to. I reached down and rubbed myself, I came hard, squirted everywhere.

Then we had a rest.

I told him to sit on my chest, facing away from me. I played with his arse while he rubbed my pussy and wanked. I knew he was close so told him to cum all over me....he shot his load on me then rubbed his cock and cum on me till I came again.

He sent me home sticky, sweaty and covered in his scent.