Written by lovingcouple366


blindfolded and chained down on her hands and knees feeling the cool air flowing over her naked exposed ass knowing waiting wanting her master to begin whipping her while the stranger runs his hands gently over her body.

With her legs spread wide and feeling vulnerable she could feel a pair of hands moving up the inside of her thighs was it her masters or was it the stranger she couldn't tell ?

Slowly she felt a finger starting to play with clit it was the light touch that she likes so much her master must have told the stranger how to touch her

Then she felt with whip slowly moving over her ass knowing full well what was to come next she wriggled a little waiting for the first sting to arrive.

She felt the sting but was unable to cry out as a hard cock had begun to fuck her mouth and the combination of both feelings had soaking wet between her legs.

She felt someone slide underneath her but still with her hands tied behind her and the blind fold on she found her self kneeling across someone ? she felt this huge cock enter her and was instructed to ride it “ fuck it you dirty little slut” was the instructions her master gave her and knowing how wet she got following his instructions suddenly slid all the way down that huge shaft and let out a loud cry of joy as her feelings exploded inside her.

She could not cry out for long as another cock entered her mouth and began to fuck it as she rode the huge cock that was in her cunt stretching her like never before, she was being fucked at both ends in front of her master, she thought i can’t believe i’m doing this, when she felt the sting of the whip on her ass once more ,twice more, three times in a row with the pleasure of that sting she thought that she was going to cum.

But not before the third man entered her in her ass slowly at first with only the smallest amount of lube as she love’s the tight dry feeling of a cock slowly stretching her ass open,the feeling of being expossed and used in such a manner plus the slight pain that gives her so much pleasure as his cock works it way down deep inside her bit by bit she has a feeling of being so tight with a cock in both holes and as the first man comes in her mouth, she knows she must swallow and clean his cock with her mouth before he pulls out just like her Master has taught her ,as he pulls out and tells the guy in her ass “”to get more lube and fuck me hard you bastard” which was the only words she could get out as a pair of hands took hold of her head and guided yet another cock into her mouth.

She could not help but think how many men had her master arranged for her the thought both scared her and made her even more horny as she got wetter and started riding all three cocks at once she could feel she was about to cum but was not allowed until her Master told her she could, he could see the pain and her need to cum written all over her body as he gently touched the side of her face and whispered in her ear “cum you dirty little bitch” and with that she felt her masters hand on her clit and exploded in a mind blowing orgasm that she could not stop as her master had complete control over her so she just kept coming and coming then she could tell the guys were getting close to cuming as all three of them started pounding her in all her holes at once her stretched ass and huge cock in her cunt and a third cock fucking the back of her throat while her master controlled her with her own clit, it made her explode time and time again then all three guys came in her at the same time shooting their cum into every hole in her body the warmth that she felt as the cum filled her body knowing that this was only the beginning of the evening and that her master had not had her yet and she could not rest until he to had cum in all her holes.

She loved her life she loved her husband for where else could she live like this in a world of their choosing.