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Dogging Extreme

Dogging gone too far


2 minute read

So we arranged an add for some men to attend a dogging in Auckland. We have now moved to Hawke’s Bay but we never forget this event. Normally about 20% of the men turn up who return a reply or guarantee to attend. But in this case it was a 100% turnout. 15 men. At a dogging. One hotwife not expecting this at all. As husband I hid nearby, as I like to join once the fun is underway....but fear and excitement rises as not just 2 or 3 but 15 men turn out. Never happened before but today it’s real. I watch them all arrive, then pretend to be one of the men joining as I go into the space where we had decided to experience this. My hotwife is riding a cock, bareback I might add, and has a massive audience around her. Later she tells me the reason she barebacked a couple of men as we had played with them before, so was willing to accept they were safe. I was good with that. And as I watched one man cum in her, she sucked off 2 others and they burst over her tits. Then they were replaced by 2 other men. She was still being fucked by the man who had cum in her, her hips still riding and the fella still fucking. As 2 other men came over her pretty tits and neck, the man fucking her pulled out and was replaced by another man who we had played with before and his cock was huge.....I mean really big and wide. He pumped her hard and she came over it more than once as another men came on her tits, face and body. From my viewpoint it was all I ever wanted. When we left and came home and fucked together I was super honest and told her, this is what I wanted from her, as a hotwife, a lady so gorgeous you would never think she could do such things...... But now how can we do more?

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