Written by Anonymous


The second trip to Auckland and night spent with Emma was as good as, if not better, than the first. A couple of weeks later on my next trip she txt me to say she has a surprise for me. A knock on the door was answered to find Emma there with another girl. “This is my friend Marie” she announced “and she is as much fun as me”. Marie was a similar age to Emma but whereas Emma was cute and cuddly with enormous tits, Marie was a little geeky looking in glasses, but tall, slim and with small tits. And she looked amazing in tight leather pants.

We raided the mini bar, sat around chatting for a very short time and then the girls started putting on a show for me. Marie’s pants came off to reveal no panties, a little rabbit tattoo on her bikini line and to my complete surprise she was wearing a butt plug. These girls were really into each other and started 69ing, Emma on top, both tongues going like crazy and it wasn’t long before both of them were shuddering with orgasims. I was naked by now, rock hard and stroking my cock. I knelt down behind Emma, lent forward and started eating her ass and also kissing Marie whose face was covered in Emma’s juices.

I moved up the bed and pulled Emma to me and we started passionately kissing while Marie started sucking my cock and rimming me. Emma moves positions so we are 69ing and the 2 girls are taking turns sucking my cock. I’m fingering Emma’s pussy and ass and she’s cumming almost non stop, my face is drenched in her juices. I’m really struggling not to cum with 2 girls sucking my cock and roll away so I don’t. This doesn’t stop the 2 girls and they continue at each other’s pussy’s. It’s almost a contest to see who can make the other cum the most. These girls are so into each other.

After a while Emma mounts me and starts riding my cock while Marie moves up to sit on my face. She’s sopping wet already but soon the juices are just flooding out of her. My face is totally drenched in her pussy juice. Changing positions Emma lays on the bed with her legs spread while Marie starts fingering and eating her again. I move behind Marie and start fucking her doggie. She’s tight but so so wet. Looking down all I can see is the butt plug still in place which I take out and replace with my cock, going balls deep in her ass. I can’t hold back much longer and pull out and explode all over Marie’s face and neck. To my complete surprise Marie then starts sucking and licking my still throbbing cock and then to an even greater surprise starts kissing Emma, her face still coated in my cum. Fuck that is hot.

Marie then asks if I will call her a cab, she needs to go home to her boyfriends house so she can shower before he gets home from shift work! I walk her downstairs and then go back up to the room to spend the night with Emma and more fun.

An incredible night!