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Dark Lovers

"once again we enter the darkness"
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I pull into the motel parking lot. My heart beating out of my chest. I have worn the dress he chose for me with a sexy white corset and lace panties underneath. I know he is across the road somewhere waiting for me to enter the room where we will be plunged into darkness again. I open the car door, step outside into the cool christchurch air, feeling my nipples harden from the change in temperature. I walk up the stairs to motel room number 7. My hand frozen on the door handle, once opened there is no going back. I have agreed to give him control. I open the door and look around. I have walked into a lounge area with a small kitchen, I can see the bathroom to the left and straight ahead of me the bedroom. I stand there for a moment just breathing. I am nervous once again of the unknown. I remove my shoes in the lounge and place my bag on the couch. Here we go. He has given me instructions for this first part, so i must try to remember them. I enter the bedroom, my eyes scanning the toys and gear that has been laid fingers running over some of them. The room has a double bed and there is a mirror on the wall. Sitting on the bed is the app vibrator and a takes me what feels like forever to reach for them. I insert the wrap around vibrator. Its snuggled against my clit. I then take the blindfold switch off the light, put it on and sit on the edge of the bed as instructed. Im sitting there in the dark, not sure what is coming. I hear the motel door out in the lounge open...heart is beating harder now. All of a sudden I feel a vibrating. Oh God its the app toy. Oh it feels so good, He has made me edge myself all day everytime i thought of him so my pussy is ready for release. As I sit there in the complete dark, the vibe working its magic, I hear the bedroom door open. Fuck, I had almost forgotten where I was. I can feel light from the lounge enter the room as he stands in the doorway. Then I hear the door close. Im still sitting on the edge of the bed....vibe humming against my clit. It feels like forever before I hear him move. Electricity fills the air. The month of teasing and messaging about to come to life. I hear him closer now. A hand reaches out and touches my reaches my hand, then both of his hands are in mine and he is pulling me up to him to stand. He removes my blindfold and the room is dark. Except a small spot of light from a candle. He kisses me....oh that kiss, so deep, so hungry. Hands running over my body. Vibrator making my thighs tremble. He slowly starts undressing me...unbuttons the front of my dress and lifts it over my head. Hands running over my corset down to my ass. Exploring the curves. I'm not sure what is coming next, breathing is getting quicker and deeper. His hands slowly remove my panties. Hands running over the roundness of my ass, grabbing. Next is the corset, he turns me around and unclips it all the way down my back. Fingertips on my skin, goosebumps. I am naked. Naked in the middle of the room. He pulls me close to him and he kisses me again, tongues exploring each others mouths, saliva mixing. The rules were hands by my side but I can not keep reaching for him, so hungry to touch him. He keeps having to put them back by my side and hold them behind my back. We stand there kissing deeply, his hands on me, my hands feeling empty. Finally he places my hands on his shoulders, I know its my turn to undress him. My excitement rises, the vibrator in me is starting to feel electric. I am building. I can't remember now if I am allowed to orgasm yet. But I know it is close. Oh no. I must be very quiet. I start to unbutton his shirt and slip it over his shoulders. My hands finally touching his skin. I orgasm...very quietly, very sneakily, I dont want to break any rules but its too much for me now. What a release. I hope he didn't notice. My hands move down to his waist, my fingers touch the edge of a belt. THE belt. The belt he brought just for me. The belt that had given me fanny flutters everytime he had mentioned it or sent a photo the last week. It feels so new, the leather rigid. I unbuckle it and slide it out in one swift motion, it makes a whoosh sound as it escapes his trouser loops. I place it on the bed, knowing it will not be forgotten. I undo his trousers and remove them. I can feel his desire through his boxer shorts. My hand staying there longer than it should have. He sits on the bed and bends me over his knee. I know what is coming, I have fantasised about this. I brace myself. His hands run over my ass cheeks. Softly...then SLAP...oh! stings...SLAP....ooohhhh...the vibrater still nestled in my pussy, im in a sweet mix of pain and pleasure. SLAP...that one was harder it makes me gasp. I'm starting to get squirmy as the slaps of the belt continue. Im not sure how many I've had or how many more are to keeps going. I think i am gasping and moaning at the same time...SLAP...and then the belt is gone and is replaced by a orgasm washes over me, im still trying to hide them because I can't remember if im allowed to yet, my thighs are trembling and as the smacking stops I am allowed to get off his knee. He stands and we kiss, my hands hungrily moving to that bulge in his boxers. The boxers are removed and I ask his permission to take him in my mouth. He allows it. I kneel on the carpet and take mouth so hungry to taste him again. My tongue teasing his balls, running up the shaft and kissing the tip...and then taking all of him in my mouth. I continue for awhile until he pulls me to my feet and kisses me. We are on the bed now, he finally removes the toy, but im sure i can still feel my clit buzzing...and then his mouth is there. Tounge exploring, darting in and out of me, running its way back up to my puffy clit. Fingers entering. I am squirming on the bed. Oh god again....after awhile I explode into a loud orgasm. There is no way to be sneaky with them now. My body shudders. I could just lay here for a minute. He moves to the edge of the bed, legs over the side...i am straddling him, the rules of me not allowed to use my hands or touch him have been forgotten. His cock is rock hard, my pussy is eager to have him inside. I lift myself into position to take him. I can feel the tip at my opening....i lower myself onto him, slowly, deeply. I just sit there for a moment, its finally in there, and it feels so good. I start to lift myself, moving slowly, I am having trouble moving myself with my trembling thighs after the orgasms I have had. He suddenly lifts me up and flips me over....we swap position a few times...him fucking me from behind..missionary...sideways...i orgasm again...he is over me...his tip just sitting in the entrance, im trying so hard to push my hips up to take him, he is firm and holds me down, a relentless tease, until finally he pushes into me. His stamina is amazing he keeps going, until finally I can hear him building, moans escaping him, i build again until we both explode in our orgasms. Heavy breathing we lay there for a moment.. His hands dont move far from my pussy for the next while, fingers, mouth. My orgasms are coming hard and fast. He lays me on my stomach. And straddles my thighs, my round ass in front of him. His fingers running down my back and over my ass, its a sensory overload lying there in the almost darkness. All of a sudden i feel something big and cold slip between my thighs and press against my pussy. And then it starts....oh god, its a wand. His weight is holding me down right on top of it. Fuck. Its so intense I need to open my thighs a little...his thighs snap mine back together. He is sitting on me holding me down on top of the wand. I can't move. Oh fuck, I am building so fast, he changes the speed, fuck!!...i squirm, I moan, I bury my head in the pillow. My whole body feeling this. I explode!. Loud guttural sounds escape me, I am shaking and moaning and tears are coming out of my eyes. Still the wand goes. Its too much for me and I tell him no more, I think i may die. He removes it. I lay there motionless. I couldn't move if I tried. Its bath time now. I go into the bathroom, there are candles and a corner spa bath. He has filled it. We climb in. The warm water is so nice on my body. This is the first time i have really seen his face. I am attracted to him. We sit, my legs draped over his. His hands running over my legs and feet. The world is quiet. I lay there, jets on my back, eyes closed. We chat about experiences and so relaxed I could sleep here. We get out after awhile and sit and have a beer in towels. I watch him as he talks. His lips that have just been all over me...his hands....nice forearms....i think he is talking about primal urges, I am agreeing, lost in my dark mind....he kisses me deeply again....then once more we enter the bedroom and get lost in the darkness together.

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