Started off with a few messages and quickly turned to the topic of what we were both interested in, after swapping phone numbers and a few pics we arranged a day and time as they lived an hour away.

It was dark when I arrived but the house was easy to find and the female half of the couple was waiting for me at the door wearing nothing but a smile. After coming inside I saw the lounge well prepared with a couch by the wall and a huge bed in the middle of the room, I sat on the couch and they sat opposite on the bed and we made small talk while she was clearly keen to see if what I was packing matched my photos ;)

Taking a que from him she got up and bent at the waist to suck me off while he ate her tiny little pussy out, between sucking my cock and taking gasps of air she begged me to get on the bed. I lay her back and slid slowly into her pussy with an xl condom on, we spitroasted her for over half an hour swapping ends before she decided it was time her pussy needed a break from the workout we were giving it and she lubed up to take me in her ass ;) needless to say that's the hole where I blew my load after a further hour of fucking and her cumming all over my cock and he left a load on her face for her to clean up and lick off her fingers