Written by Anonymous


I will always remember my first time with an older woman in vivid detail!!

I had just turned 18 when I first saw her. I was training at my local boxing club for an upcoming bout. I was doing some routine circuits, when I noticed a lady enter through the front door and sit on the adjacent bench. She waved at one of the young kids, here to pick him up. I continued my workout, I started hitting the heavy bag. At that point I glanced across at the lady again, and I noticed she was staring at me, fixated. Watched the steady ebb and flow as my arms struck out rhythmically into the bad, the sweat beading on my biceps. She saw me looking and shifted her gaze looking a little embarrassed.

I flashed her my trade mark cheeky grin and continued what I was doing. She picked up her kid and left at the end of the session.

Friday night soon rolled round and I had a big night planned with my mates. We started at the local weatherspoons (an English staple for those who don't know!)

A couple of hours in I was standing at the bar with my pal Jim, chatting nonchalantly as we were waiting for our drinks. I looked across at the section of bar opposite me, and there she was looking straight at me. She gave me a wink and took a sip of her drink.

Of course I went straight over to introduce myself properly.

Before I knew it I was sat on the edge of her sofa, her knickers around her ankles, my thigh between her legs. I could feel the soft wetness between her legs grinding against me, my hands in her hair as I pulled her lips into mine.

My fingers began to run slowly down her back as we continued to kiss deeply and passionately. My hands continued downward following her curves. I lifted her skirt, and gripped her soft sensuous derriere with both hands. I pulled her closer, firmly but gently, as I slid down the sofa until she was straddling my chest. We locked eyes, the tension and lust was tangible. My eyes drifted downward taking in her luscious breasts, nipples standing to attention, her skirt hitched right up resting beneath her bosom, the delicate bare skin just beneath her navel, and finally resting intimately on the inviting space between her open legs. I glanced back up at her, she had her eyes closed and was tenderly biting her bottom lip. She inched forward, now able to feel my breath on her engorged labia...

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