I reached home after nearly 24 hours of non stop fucking! My body feels sore with all that fucking, spanking, biting, stretching, sucking! My nipples and pussy lips are swollen and tender to touch. My jaws ache. And here I get a good bye kiss in the car and we both agree that it was a night that we will never forget! We promise to meet soon sometimes!

I walk down the drive way hoping for my Mr. to be in a good mood! I was looking forward to meet him after a day. It has never happened before that I had to call him to let him know that I was going to crash at my girl friends place since we were all high and enjoying! And it was a first for me to be out all night when my husband is in town! So I was not sure how he is going to take it!

I enter home and he was in the bedroom. I go inside to find him resting on the bed, surfing net on his iPad! For some reason, he seemed relaxed and happy to see me! He asks me about the party last night and I cooked up a story and said it was good to be with the girls while I was sorting my belongings from the bag, organising my wardrobe! He was listening to me patiently. I was at my dressing table sorting and rearranging my stuff while narrating the last night’s story. Meanwhile, he came and stood behind me, wrapping his arms around me, sniffing into my hair and my neck, softly mumbling into my ears, “You smell different! You are glowing. The way you glow right after having sex. So baby. Tell me exactly. How was the sex? Did you enjoy? totally declining the girl party story, caressing my boobs gently. My breathing became heavy and I just didn’t know what to say. I feel his cock straining against the crack of my butt from behind, gently grinding into me, licking and nibbling my ears, caressing my boobs, pinching my nipples. I turn around to face him and we kiss deep. He stops, we look into each other’s eyes. He continues, “You taste different. So baby. Don’t hold back. You know you can tell me anything and everything.” Our tongues meet again and I start kissing him passionately. I say, “It was really good.” He steps back and asks me to strip in front of him. He says, “Strip. I want to see you fully naked.” I do as I was told. His eyes ravishing my fully used and well fucked body. He glides his fingers over the love bites on my boobs, which was deep red in colour, smelling my boobs. He groans, “Nice!” I had several dark red love bites all over my boobs, my nipples red, swollen and super tender to touch. He scans me from behind, softly feeling the faded imprints of hands on my butt cheek, gently squeezing my butt cheeks. He checks my pussy lips, touching me gently! By now I was dripping again. My pussy was red, swollen and sore. He looks into my eyes. “You want more. Don’t you?” Putting his wet fingers into my mouth. I lick my juices off his fingers, “You look hot. Horny little bitch!” I was next pushed on the bed and had another relentless session of wild brazen mind numbing fucking! My husband kept fucking me all day and night at intervals that day when and as he wished, leaving me sore than ever. He smelt, licked and sucked my nipples and came all over my boobs. He had filled my pussy and my arse with his jiz several times that day and night. And I now feel like a slut alright! I also confessed that there were two men fucking me at the same time at a hotel. I also told him that I was filmed by one of them on their mobile phone. He went ballistic fucking me that night after listening to my confession. We had amazing nerve wrecking sex for weeks after that, more than regular following that incident. I know he loves to fuck my well fucked pussy by other men. It turns him on to no end and he has given me all the liberty to explore. Although he never confesses his true feelings about my naughty explorations.