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Anonymous 10 months ago

Choked and gagged with my own panties

Another true tale as remembered by the Mrs

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2 min
I was in the shower, enjoying the hot water cascade over my body after a hard day’s work. You slipped in the bathroom door, naked and looking hot and horny as fuck. You opened the shower door, and my eyes were instantly drawn to your hard cock. “Let's give those nosy neighbours something to feel awkward about tomorrow, shall we? Get out of the shower, pick up your panties, then come back here,” you commanded. I was instantly wet as soon as I heard your voice. I obeyed like a good little girl and stepped out of the shower. You slipped in behind me and started stroking your cock while you were watching me. I bent over slowly to gather my panties and took my time, showing off my wet pussy to you. “Come here, now,” you growled. I handed you my panties, wondering where they were going to end up. “Turn around and bend over, just like you did when you picked these up,” I turned around and bent forward from the waist, exposing myself to you. I reached back and softly stroked my pussy, slipping my finger between my lips and finding my hot, wet juice. I let out a moan of pleasure but then you ordered me to move my hand and brace myself on the doors. My pussy was throbbing with the excitement and the need to feel your cock inside me. You rubbed the tip of your cock over my clit and glided up and down between my lips, covering yourself in my pussy juice. I heard you moan and swayed back into you. You guided yourself into my pussy and we both moaned loudly with the intense pleasure. I was so wet and ready for you and you slammed your cock into my pussy so hard and deep, and then again,and again, pounding so deep into me. You stopped before we went over the edge and slipped my panties over my head and tight around my throat...and a quick twist and over my head again, this time the crotch of my panties was in my mouth, and I was choking and gagging on my dirty panties and you were slamming my pussy again, your cock so hard and ready to explode, groaning in my ear, “Fuck yeah baby.” I tried to gasp, and couldn’t, and I came so hard, knowing that you were right there with me, screaming, “Oh Fuck Yes!” as you bury your cock deep inside me. The intensity was like nothing I’d ever felt before, my legs were jelly, and I was floating, semi-conscious, and then you exploded inside me, baby, and it was hot and intense. You lowered us to the floor, sprawled half in the shower and half out and we held each other for a long time while we convulsed and twitched with ecstasy.

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