Tania was gob smacked she thought Mike was sincere to her but he was face deep in my girlfriend's pussy we could see her writhing in pleasure in the full moon  on the picnic table. Her beautiful body under the moonlight grinding his face while his tongue was deep in her cunt.

Tania whispered to me in a heavy sigh, "I guess I started this." She had had a bit to drink and grabbed my hand and led me back to their car.

I was still thinking how wet she was last time I touched her. Being summer it was warm. I touch her knickers they were so wet they clung to her skin. I lifted her onto the bonnet touching and fingered her lips they were silky wet. She moaned and spread her legs. She couldn't help grab my cock. We kissed deeply she ran her tongue inside my mouth. I pulled her wet knickers to one side. She was pulling my foreskin back and forth and helped me slide it into her wet cunt. It felt amazing as the head of my penis pressed it's way slowly into her love pie. I pressed into her as deep as possible Tania moaned with pleasure. She held me tight as I penetrated her deeply digging her nails into my back. Tania gasped and groaning, It felt amazing in the hilt of her pussy I didn'twant to stop.  Then we started moving little motions. Then sliding further out her juices lubricating my every stroke with her.  This was fucking paradise. I was pounding her pulling her hips to me.

We both came in unison I pumped her full of cum as I knew she was on the pill. Her juices all on my cock. She sucked me dry. After a little bit of time I wanted to fuck her again but she said no we had to get back to the tent before the others got back. My girlfriend and Tanias boyfriend returned none the wiser.  Was one of the best fucks I had. I think the risk of being caught made it even better. We eventually went our separate ways later. I still keep in touch with Tania she is such a horny babe. But she has another man .